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The spring season has started! So I get to watch two new shows along with Chihayafuru: Majestic Prince and Shingeki no KyojinMajestic Prince is a space-based mecha show with teenagers, pretty formulaic in its genre, but it might be a deconstruction which could make it awesome. Time will tell. Shingeki no Kyojin is a horror/fantasy action show based on a manga with a rather interesting premise.

Chihayafuru S2 ep 13

Continuation of last week’s match. The entire episode focused on Chihaya vs Megumu and there are still a few cards left, so the match isn’t done yet. Funny enough, it appears that match is more interesting than the other one, because at the end of the episode everyone was watching it.

Chihaya is still practicing some stuff during an important match, too. She sent her opponent a multi-syllable card (her weakness) and took one by breaking cover. It’s nice to see that speed isn’t all she’s about now, her precision is also much better now. She also remarked that Megumu is who she would be if she didn’t have Harada-sensei as a coach. Although, Megumu is much more calm than her, less ported to lose focus and can contest cards, so they are evenly matched.

We also learn that Megumu has been playing that hard so she can play with her friends and make everyone happy. She had no desire to play the Queen, until now. It was funny to see her go into “badass mode.”

Nishida is going to lose his match, because he’s totally scared of the “manly” girl against whom he’s playing. We don’t have that much information about the others, but apparently it’s a close match. That’s why everyone is watching it. Poor Hokuo, they are probably getting cleaned right now.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 01 (simulcast: Crunchyroll)

OMG Team Losers! The main protagonists are Fail Five, err, I mean Team Rabbits.  Looks like they are the standard group setup too: hot-headed guy, glass-wearing nerd, clumsy pretty-girl who wants to fall in love (she’s just missing the neko outfit), idiot shōnen character and the formal character (who’s a girl).

For a bit of background, humans have space bases in between Earth and Jupiter and are being attacked by Walguru (evil dude with green neon space ships). So our little group of  losers all get sent, unprepared, into a real fight in space to help evacuate one of those bases. All this  with shiny new mechs and the shōnen dude as the leader. I’ll learn the names at some point, but for now it’s going to be Vanguard, Gunner, Booster, Leader and Control. Much easier to remember.

The Godinion is a really pretty spaceship. I love spaceships.  The special mechs are rather funky looking, though. They also have the Julia-system, which makes sure that no one ever joins a battlefield unless they want to be a hero. The Julia-system links the mech to the user’s instinct, so if you don’t want to fight, the mech will try to run away. Ahahaha.

It was a good first episode, although the 2D animations were not that good in some quick shots. The 3D stuff is awesome, though. Also, character designs borrowed from Gundam Seed give a certain oldish feel to the show.

Shingeki no Kyojin ep 01 (no simulcast unless you read French)

First, they censored the manga, partially, but the art style and adaption is the equivalent of animating the manga’s panel, so it had super nice looking animations. Especially the multiaxial-manoeuvre: the Legion uses a weird system with grapples to move around, and they end-up looking like spidermen. If they stay close to the manga, this could be spring 2013’s best show easily, because it has plot! This episode was a bit slow though, but so was the manga’s first chapter. We get introduced to the three main characters: Eren (the hot-headed main character), Mikasa (the cool-headed woman) and Armin (the brain).

So in the future of mankind, humans have been reduced to live in walled cities to protect themselves from the Titans. See, the Titans’ main food supplies are humans. It has been 100 years since the last time Titans have attacked the cities, though, and no one cares, feeling all safe inside their walled cities. Eren is pissed off about it though, because it means that people are ignoring all the lives that have been lost when they tried to reconquer their lost territory. He wants to join the Reconnaissance Legion, those who go beyond the wall. Everybody is trying to dissuade him of doing that, so you can tell that he will join.

Of course, this being a drama it means that humans got crushed by their delusions before the end of the episode. Big Titan showed up, made a hole in the wall, and there was a feast. The first few episodes are going to jump in time quite a bit, because the real story is a few years after that event.

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