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There were a lot more shows to watch this week. We got Chihayafuru’s last episode on the semi-final, and the second episodes of Majestic Prince and Shinkegi. The rest was all new: Suisei no Gargantia and Valvrave are two new mecha shows. Spaceship Yamato 2199 is a remake of an old show that feels super retro and lovely. It really shows how the world of anime has changed over the years, and not necessarily for the best.

Chihayafuru S2 ep 14

Shinobu is scary when she’s practicing memorizing. She also plays matches to kill time. She must be really lonely.

Nishida lost, which was expected. Yuube wants to become Queen though, which means she moved into Megume’s rival camp. Kana-chan won and called Mizusawa by Pizusawa. She’s getting tired. She’s probably getting replaced for the final.

OMG! Chihaya lost her best card. Although, she did take Megumu’s two best cards, so it was sort of payback. Poor Chihaya, she was close to tears. Everyone else in the team got the card though, which means that Taichi won. I find it interesting that Chihayafuru is the best card for all the team. Although, Chihaya lost by just one card. That was close.

Hukuo lost 1 to 4: ouch. Sudo wasn’t happy. Mizusawa against Akashi ended decided by a luck of draw game between Desktomu and one of the girls. He won by gambling based on his data. He’s just awesome like that. Although, for the narrative to work they had to win. It was just so close. Next episode is the start of the final, and it will probably last three episodes again. Apparently the manga isn’t done with the school individual tournament, so I don’t expect the show to go farther than that either.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 02

The OP is weird, it shows cellular division at the start of it, then moves into a Sunrise typical opening sequence. Note: this show isn’t made by Sunrise.

Someone online gave the best description of this show: it’s like a Gundam Seed parody. It looks like the kids were genetically created to be soldiers; as a result, they didn’t get a real childhood. I’m surprised they are so well adjusted despite that. I mean, they act like real teenagers (weirdos, you know).

That interview was so funny. All those Nico Nico video comments are hilarious. Also, most of the real question were answered by their superior officer. The kids just stood there doing almost nothing. I guess they don’t train them for public appearances.

Among the team, I like Kei (Control, Purple2 pilot) the most right now, probably because she’s the most serious among the group and the probably has the most good sense. I bet it also means she’s going to “break” before the end of the show. I really wonder what her role is exactly, though, because her mecha isn’t a fighting one, it’s about gathering data and coordinating the team. Maybe she’s going to pull a Lelouch and end up super good at strategy. She also has “super hearing” and only eats sweets. I wonder how she stays so slim?

The origin of the title Majestic Prince is finally revealed. They were given the nickname by the population because they come from the MJP, Military Junior Pre-Academy. Of course, two of them aren’t princes, but princesses, I guess. Looks like someone else was involved with creating the team, too. She seems to have a link to the bad guy going by her look. Anime can be quite predictable sometimes. Bouahahaha, sponsors! They added advertisement on the mecha! That’s like, like… oh dear. This show isn’t just a Gundam Seed parody. It’s a Sunrise mecha show parody.

I’m sticking with this one for the whole of it I think. It’s just a charming show despite being lower quality in some cases.

Shingeki no Kyojin ep 02 (Two places picked it up in English: Crunchyroll and Funi for subscribers).

This is just disgusting, at least after this episode there shouldn’t be too many people getting eaten, much. There won’t be any attacks on the humans after this episode for a while so we will be saved the atrocities. Eren, Mikasa and Armin are our main characters (in that order). In terms of the team, Eren is the Leader, Mikasa is the Big Guy and Armin is the Smart Guy. Although, they aren’t really a team”¦ yet.

Unfortunately, the Armored Titan destroyed the inner wall and humanity had to retreat behind the second wall. Now you are probably wondering “Armored Titan?” Let’s just call him that, shall we. He’s got thick skin that looks like armor. He charged the gate and made a big hole through it. A bit of explanation: humanity retreated behind a three -wall town system, using protuberance as town to attract Titans and avoid walls being destroyed. Eren, Mikasa and Armin made it out of their little town, which was one of the protuberant ones. But the Armored Titan breached the first wall and humanity had to retreat beyond the second one.

Eren made his pledge to exterminate all of the Titans because he’s really angry. We also got to see his father running around and crying, saying he hopes everyone is safe. Which tells us that he knew of the attack. We also have a weird flashback where he injects something into Eren. It’s weird because Eren mentions that his father has been strange since his mother died, he even got the key that his father had earlier. I guess we got a small time jump and he found his father, but he left again. Note: the manga shows that flashback much later, but in terms of time frame, it’s at the right place.

Yeah, Mikasa’s punch. Eren, Eren, Eren always remember: Mikasa is much more awesome than you. Also, she wants you to survive which is why she’s going to join you into the cadets along with Armin. Next episode is the “cadet training.” It should last a few episodes, especially if they include all the manga flashbacks to that period.

Suisei no Gargantia ep 01 (Crunchyroll )

Shingeki no Kyojin just launched the “most promising show of 2013.” Holy moly! Superb animations, awesome directing and, well, I have no idea where this is going.

This looks like another show that is exploring totalitarian society, similar to Psycho-pass, and it has the same writer too. It uses something of a different trope that involves sending someone raised (read brainwashed) to live among the Free people, I guess. I can’t say for sure if he was sent back in time or just got really lost in the Milky Way just yet.

The first part was about the Galactic Human Federation attacking some sort of plants and Nautilus aliens. Humanity is stuck living on a place called Avalon. You have to do military service to get citizenship, the right to sleep, drink, and reproduce. The main character is 16 years old and according to the official website, he spent 16.5 years in the army. Charming, isn’t it? So your main character, Ledo, got lost in a wormhole after the failed attack against Plant-aliens and found himself among humans that he can’t understand because they have been living on Earth for centuries.

I think we can expect a Galactic Human Federation against the Earthlings before the end of the show”¦

Spaceship Yamato 2199 ep 01

Super retro! Super pretty! I bet this is the show with the biggest budget. I have to say that the series has been released in theaters and BD for like half its episodes already though. I just waited for the TV broadcast to start to watch it. The wait won’t be that bad this way.

It was a really good first episode. I must admit that I don’t remember watching the original Yamato. This is like a remake with some cast changes. Humans are on the verge of extinction because of a war with some aliens nobody ever saw. They destroyed the Earth atmosphere with poison and bombs. I love all of the charming aliens in the spring season.

Anyhow, Earth decides to put Plan Yamato into action. This involves sending a single freaking ship out there to save humanity. They got help from someone who had a futuristic ship despite looking quite human. I don’t care to look at spoilers, so I guess I’ll have to wait to know what that part is all about.

Valvrave The Liberator ep 01 (Crunchyroll)

Third Galactic Reich. This show will have lots of German influence, I think. There are two countries at war with each others, plus one neutral country where the main protagonist goes to school called JIOR (sounds almost like ORB, see Gundam Seed). Lots of Dyson spheres in this universe too. Oh and “students” murdering people as well. That should be interesting, if not totally out of whack. Although, this is another “school in space” mecha show. The other one after Majestic Prince, but it feels a lot more “school.”

Full usage of texting! You know, I’m starting to like watching anime just for the real world culture elements that make it in. So, it looks like the main character, Haruto, has something for Shoko, a girl who likes wearing beef T-shirts. Oh the cliché, it’s like watching a mid-season two parter with all the death flags, but in the first episode. Also, dang, that evil dude has good eyesight. I don’t think he’s normal. He got an interesting philosophy and his group has really original mecha/fighters called Waffe (that’s some more German).

And death flag strike one. All right, who wants to bet that Shoko isn’t dead, because I don’t see Haruto going crazy for vengeance in the last 24 episodes. Or he gets a replacement. Also, the dude never clicks yes to a question like: “Do you resign as a human being?” The Valvrave even have an EULA that says they can kill the pilot anytime they want. Awesome!

Huh!?!?!?! What the Hell! (pun intended, next episode is called “Beyond 666”). Looks like Haruto is now a vampire? That’s just out there. This is a weird show, it’s like they took Gundam Seed, added crazy elements and a super awesome mecha fighting show (this being Sunrise, expect to have lots of beam spamming before long). The end result could be totally awesome or utter crap. The main writer did Code Geass (awesome) and Guilty Crown (pure crap) in the last few years.

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