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So the spring season is advancing slowly. I’m still enjoying Chihayafuru, this episode even had a real certified Karuta reader (freaking awesome) who’s going to hang around for the final, I guess. Majestic Prince continues to impress me (it’s a genre deconstruction, but it seems to be hated online). The rest follow from their first episodes, although I’m unsure about Valvrave; it seems to be more about the crazy than anything else.

Chihayafuru S2 ep 15

Kana-chan hurt herself. I though she was just tired, but she strained one of her fingers. Amazing that she could win her match in that condition. Sudo wasn’t too happy with Hokuo. Also, one of the organizers still thinks that Arata came to watch them. Funny. Looks like the defending champion coach is scary. She always switches a younger player for the final. This time she put in a first year player who is a B grade. It’s the girl who watched the entire match between Megumu and Chihaya. Dang, Desktomu is scary. He guessed what Fujisaki’s coach was going to do, including which player was going to be replaced and by whom. Kana-chan can’t play, but she still go to see/hear the best Karuta reader ever. She also happens to be the grand-mother of Rion, the first year in the Fujisaki line-up. Shinobu undressed in front of the boys”¦ she has snowmaru underwear. Scary. She’s also going to watch the final now. That should be interesting, because Chihaya pissed her off last year, and it looks like the match was made to be tough for Chihaya. A single one syllable card, no “Chihaya” cards either. I guess they had to do something for a B class to be somewhat of a challenge.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 03

United Pan-Galatic Empire is the other name of the Wulgaru. Looks like the “bad” guys have a lot of territory. And, of course, “no one” knows why they are attacking Earth (that sound so much like Spaceship Yamato). Tamaki is really stupid: “I can go through life without common sense.” OMG! Poor Asagi, they made a gif of his botched “sync,” and it’s all over the web. So they have medical check-ups. You know, most “mecha shows” just do drama, drama, drama and action, action, action. They don’t show the medical check-ups, public press events, paid vacation. Boob-mechanic (the head mechanic) can’t speed up the boot-up sequence of the suit. Really? That’s like the most major problem with these high-tech suits. She might put in an auto-sync though. Looks like our little kids are going toward psychological fatigue. They all have ultra-developed senses: Asagi can process lots of data, Kei has super-hearing, Tamaki has better resistance to G-forces. Suruga has a good memory for certain things and Isuzu can concentrate like no other. But in the end, they were selected because of their top-class survival instincts. That might actually explain why they suck as a team, they always think of themselves first. Oh, Isuzu might need another exam. Suspicious. Kei, I love you (she’s so snarky) and how the hell can you stay so slim with all the sweets you are eating? Also, that’s a lot of cakes that you made on your vacation. I hope that Suruga and Tamaki grow up before the end, because their immaturity is annoying. Kei, do I smell anger toward the GDF for stealing your life and erasing your memory? Izuru says it doesn’t matter to a hero, looks like emotional displacement (AKA, if I can be a hero, it doesn’t matter). Cool, a zero gravity pool! Dude, the military GDF really sucks when it comes to pep talks. Well, that Vice Chief of Staff does. I’m really starting to think that the kids are going to rebel now. Wait, the suits have “heavy armor” versions. Cool music, too. Those Wulgura ships were awesome as well.

Shingeki no Kyojin ep 03

The army is always charming. The guy in charge of the “kids” is trying to reform the ones that haven’t seen “war” yet. Really, he’s just a jerk. Although, Connie didn’t do the salute properly and Sasha, well she’s Sasha. Now that everyone knows Eren saw the Colossal Titan, he’s popular among certain people and hated by others. Hello Jean, your crush on Mikasa is cute, you hating Eren, though, is not. Also, this episode is full of hints if you read the manga. So I guess lots of foreshadowing here. Mikasa is already showing how good she is, too. Genius, will always be genius. Eren isn’t as lucky though, but he got faulty equipment and determination to compensate. He’s also really happy that Mikasa won’t have to protect him.

Suisei no Gargantia ep 02

Chamber is getting better at speaking Earthling. So the people on the Gargantia Fleet don’t really know what to do with Chamber and Ledo. The only volunteer to speak with him has been Amy, the girl he “kidnapped” last episode. Seems like Amy has a handicapped little brother. He’s pretty knowledgeable though. Apparently, the Earth turned into an ice ball and a bunch of people left the planet. Ledo is probably a descendant of those people. When the ice melted it turned Earth into a water planet. It’s like in the movie Waterworld, but a bit more high-tech. The Gargantia even have scavengers and there are pirates. Speaking of pirates, they attacked one of the Gargantia’s scavengers. Amy wentto Ledo to ask for help. That might have been a bad idea. He turned them into dust. Well, Chamber did.

Space Ship Yamato ep 02

The Gamilas have interesting ships and weaponry, they also have a funky language. It’s the third show this season with “alien-speak.” We learn who the lady in the ship in the first episode was. She’s from Iscandar.  She was sent by her sister to deliver the plan of a dimensional wave motion engine. I personally think it’s a trap, pretty ladies asking people to come to their planet to get technology. Totally a trap (or I watch too many animes). So, the Ace’s sister had a thing for Kodai’s older brother from all the pictures and stuff around. And Kodai is now the superior officer of the Ace. Charming. Also, in the first episode Kodai and Daisuke though that one of the higher ups looked a bit like the girl in the capsule on Mars. Well, she seems like she’s from Iscandar. And the Yamato has launched!

Valvrave The Liberator  ep 02

HUH! What the hell is this? First, we have vampires. Now we got body-switching. And Shoko’s alive!  And the mech can harakiri itself !?! All the weird WWII German War stuff too. Also, Haruto is an idiot. This episode was rather boring, too; I give Valvrave one more episode before dropping it. Too crazy for me.

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