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5 Things to Watch on Netflix

Whether you’re looking for something on in the background or looking to watch something seriously, Netflix is awwwesssome!

Bob’s Burgers: A gal at work told me about this show and it makes me laugh every time. Watch when you can’t take anything too serious on PBS and have finished catching up on Arrested Development.

Bully: This is a documentary about bullying and the way we live now. It won’t make you happy. But it’s worth watching.

Say Yes to the Dress: I love this show so much. It makes me feel so good about myself. It’s perfect for when you’re cleaning your apartment. Apparently there is a new bridesmaids one and I’m super sad it’s not on Netflix yet.

The Decoy Bride: It’s got David Tennant and and Kelly Macdonald. It’s kind of dumb. But it’s got David Tennant and Kelly Macdonald.

The Queen of Versailles: An oddly likable impersonation of the excess that brought everything down in 2008.

What are you watching on Netflix?

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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I’m currently watching Buffy…*cough* for the first time ever. I had a couple of friends in H.S. who turned me off to the show because they were so obsessed and now I understand why they were so obsessed.

Oh, and I’m also re-watching Arrested Development. :)

I love netflix, it’s been a revelation. Great for kids too. The only two problems I have are a) there’s no proper way to browse, since it’s all categorized so badly. “Because you watched…” is such an irritating category! I wish they’d just let you see EVERYTHING according to genre, not some random picks. And b) we spend an hour trying to decide on something and then fall asleep watching it, because it’s too late at night by then… Anyway. I’m watching House of Cards, and we’re constantly replaying episodes of Modern Family. And my daughter has just discovered the Disney movies they now have.

Thank you for perfectly summing up “The Decoy Bride.”

It is definitely kind of dumb. But Kelly Macdonald’s face is great.

Also, I’ve been just repeating marathons of Archer and Arrested Development, because that is how much I love Jessica Walter.

You guys. Please watch Teen Wolf. The MTV show, not the 80’s movie with the flawless Michael J. Fox. Please watch it and join me in my fandom woes.

I also really like watching My Fair Wedding. I cry every time because I love David Tutera. I want to be friends with him so bad.

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