A Day at the Beach (Comic)

There will be plenty of people who would love to ruin your day at the beach with misconceptions, shallowness, and overall idiocy.

Let’s face it: there’s no such thing as the perfect body. There will always be someone who will judge you and think you’re not good enough. All you can do is do what makes you happy, however much or little that may be.

Two panel cartoon titled "A Day at the Beach." Panel one: A slightly heavyset woman in a one-piece bathing suit walks down the beach as two men watch. Man one says, "Ugh, another hairy feminist. Gross." Man two says, "Disgusting..." Panel two: A thin woman in a bikini walks by. Man one says, "Damn. Bet she's a slut." Man two says, "Totally." Caption below reads, "This beach season, forget the perfect body. Just have some fun. -Bipolar Gurl,"

By Bipolar Gurl

Bipolar Gurl is an artist and... well, that's about it really. Multi-talented she is not.

4 replies on “A Day at the Beach (Comic)”

Wohoo! I’m planning on doing more of these little comics. Should be fun =)

That’s an idea! Might be kind of cold where I live, but I’m not a huge fan of the water part of the beach anyway (though I guess that defeats the purpose of not going during the summer, lol.)

I’m so glad I’ve never had to Hear somebody being nasty about me in a bathing suit. I’m sure some jerks are thinking mean things, but yay for them keeping their mouths shut (or sitting really far away from me, I guess).

Beach beach beach! I don’t think I get to go this year, but I’m excited for everyone who gets to go.

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