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Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Ladies Are So Disappointing

Dudes were so disappointed in us ladies this week. Here we are, getting our boobs removed, posing in all our regular-lady glory, and being on the Internet. Heaven forbid!

The annotated wisdom of Amy Poehler. Splitsider

What teens actually think of Plan B. Jezebel

The “plus-size” H&M model from that swimsuit campaign speaks up. BBC (via HelloGiggles)

Angelina Jolie removed her boobs and some dude-bros don’t like it. XXfactor

Writing under a gender-neutral byline. XO Jane

I loved this She-Ra reboot spoof thing with the always brilliant Kylie Minogue. The Mary Sue

The stunning difference between the way men and women get treated on reddit. Skep Chick

This was out last week, but hey, it’s never too late for Janelle Monáe.

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