Fitness Challenge – It’s Science!

Blocking out time to work out sucks. I realize healthy living is important, but so is sleep, and that always takes precedence for me.

I am most definitely not the type of person who can work out before work, as my morning routine of coffee, cigarettes, pooping, and 10-15 minutes of getting ready are all I can do that early. After work? You mean after I have slogged through the day and spent an hour at least stuck in traffic, I am supposed to change into gym gear when instead I could take off my bra, put on pajamas, and power lounge instead? Nope. Right now, I work out on my lunch hour. I am very lucky because my office plaza has a free gym for tenants that is clean and well equipped. I try to go at least three times a week, but I’ve been needing to get into a habit outside of this since it is dictated by how busy the office is.

And then the skies burst open and this New York Times article shone down like a beacon of light. Seven minutes, you say, scientists? Like Eight-Minute-Abs before you, seven-minute-workout, I am skeptical. I firmly adhere to the whole “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is” school of thought. And technically, the source study does actually say that the seven minute option is for extremely fit people; most people need to do at least two sets. While I am disappointed my entire fitness routine can’t be completed in roughly the same amount of time as the Game of Thrones credits (seriously, that thing is so long), I think 14 minutes is a reasonable time commitment.

So here’s the deal – I will do at least two sets of this circuit five days a week for the next month, come hell or high water. Who’s with me*? I find that it is much easier to stick to something if I have someone to: a) do it with me and b) be accountable to. I am holding myself accountable to you all, and hoping that others might want to join in to see what kind of results we get. You don’t need to purchase anything, unless you don’t have any chairs, but even then, just find a high curb or a planter box or something. The exercises all use your body weight as resistance, so no evil kettle bells or balance balls or any other torture devices. I’m am curious to see how this “ideal workout” affects my overall fitness level.

cartoon drawing of various exercises- jumping jacks, wall sit, push-up, abdominal crunch, step=up onto chair, squat,. triceps dip,. plank, high knees running, lunge, push-up rotation, side plank
Image from The New York Times

We will check in here once a week and let each other know how we are feeling. Sound good? Let’s do this!!


*Please note, I am not a trainer or other type of science, medical, or fitness professional. Please do not do these exercises if you have injuries or any reason that they would cause you pain. If you need to make modifications, please do so. 

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