Fitness Challenge Week 3 – Pump Up the Jams

My workout playlist is filled with some embarrassing nonsense, folks, and I love it.

From super cheese pop music to ’80s hair metal bands, I work my booty to some nonsense. I need high BPM (beats per minute) through my entire routine or I start to falter. I have tried tons of different “Best Workout Playlist EVAH!!” found from Google searching same, and I usually pick out one or two songs that actually seem high energy enough for my needs. Here is a list for those who also like the steady fast clip of a beat in your ears while pumping iron or doing cardio.

1. Immigrant Song – Karen O, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross – I like the industrial grinding when I work out. It makes me feel kind of dirty, in a good way.

2. The Infanta – The Decemberists – This song has a constant fast drum beat going in the background that totally ramps up my motivation.

3. Til the World Ends – Britney Spears – While there are any number of Britney songs that are perfect for working out, I am currently enjoying this one.

4. My Best Friend’s Hot – The Dollyrots – Poppy rock n’ roll ladies make me happy.

5. Youth Gone Wild – Skid Row – I wasn’t kidding about the 80’s hair bands. I was deeply in love with Sebastian Bach in junior high.

6. St. Jimmy – Green Day – This is the best song for sprint intervals. I find myself getting up to my highest running speeds when this is on.

7. I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked – Ida Maria – What’s not to like here? The title, the bad ass chick on guitar, it’s all awesome.

8. Fell in Love With a Girl – The White Stripes – If you like to challenge yourself to do something, like run faster or jump rope, for the length of a song, this is the song for you. It is fast-paced and awesome, but also less than two minutes long. It still totally counts.

9. Don’t Rain on My Parade – Glee Cast – I stopped watching Glee about halfway through the second season, but there is still a large amount of their oeuvre on my iPod. While the show lost me, Lea Michelle is a talented young woman, and listening to her belt it out on this one makes me happy. I may have also once found myself singing along to this one at the gym without even realizing it. Loudly. It wasn’t until I looked up and saw a bunch of people staring at me strangely that I figured it out.

10. Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do – Robyn – I love Robyn. I love her music and her horribleridiculous shoes. I think she is the bee’s knees.

What are the songs that get you pumped up? How is you fitness routine going? I am noticing a definite difference in my arms and abs doing the 7 Minute Workout. I have avoided working out my arms too much for a long time due to an old shoulder injury, so that is the area I am seeing the most improvement in. I’m pretty sure at the end of the month, I will be able to give Michelle Obama a run for her money on the ripped arm front.

Remember, everyone who checks in in the comments on their progress gets entered into the prize drawing. You can enter every week!




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I always try to remember to put Kanye West’s Work Out Plan on my player, and instantly forget as soon as I thought about it.

Majority of my work out music is Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and ..Disney. The Bear Necessities for belly dancing, Friends On The Other Side for throwing them limbs loose.

I rock out to Will Smith’s older hits and some Destiny’s Child. The music is fast and usually at least moderately sexy, so when I’m working out alone, it makes me sort of want to move. My gym plays the weirdest, least motivating assortment of crap songs, though.

Since my workouts are usually Zumba time, most of my music is a lot of Latin and hip hop songs with the occasional Bollywood number. Lately we’ve been using a lot of old Jennifer Lopez stuff, which makes me laugh super hardcore. But the best song we dance to is “Moto Moto” by Will I.Am from one of the Madagascar movies.

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