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Lunchtime Poll 5/24/13: Help Us Choose Our Next Staff Writers

Happy Friday, readers! We need your help. 

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been putting a group of brave, talented individuals through the paces as part of Project Staff Writer. We’re bringing on five new Staff Writers, and for the past two weeks, you’ve seen our nine finalists make their debut posts.

This was just the latest challenge; previously, PSW contestants have had to write exactly 500-word recaps, charm us with their email communication, describe themselves with a .gif (hard G, period), and demonstrate in myriad ways how well they can spin a phrase in a way that will get you, our dear readers, interested.

The contestants have collectively and individual impressed us, and we have thrown random bonus points, and bonus point gathering opportunities, at them at various points of the competition. We’re evil like that.

Now, we want your input. Each of the nine finalists is listed below, with links to their two competition posts. We want you to pick the one you like best. Each vote will count as one point towards their final scores. You can only vote for one.

Over the next week, Pileofmonkeys, Slay Belle, Hillary, and I will be locking ourselves into the underground glitter bunker with a selection of box wines, Twizzlers, and peanut butter toast to determine who will be named one of the Fuck Yeah Five Staff Writers.

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Contestant #1 – Corbin: Lunchtime Poll: Farmer’s Market Goodies and Starving for Change.

Contestant #2 – Alyson: Lunchtime Poll: Hated Musicians and Life in Transition.

Contestant #3 – Natasha: Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Female Video Game Character and Feminist Bollywood: Jab We Met.

Contestant #4 – Karo: Lunchtime Poll: Feeling Ambitious and Stranger in the Strangest Land.

Contestant #5 – Karishma: Lunchtime Poll: Say Something Nice and Barrel Nostalgia.

Contestant #6 – BipolarGurl: Lunchtime Poll: To All You Left-Brained Peeps and The Pittie Problem.

Contestant #7 – …sneakotage: Lunchtime Poll: What Meal Would Make You Famous and Will Teach for Food.

Contestant #8 –Anne: Lunchtime Poll: Exhaustion and Book Reflections: “Queen of America” and “Revolution.”

Contestant #9 – Aida: Lunchtime Poll: Restaurants and Who Hates Gatsby?

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By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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39 replies on “Lunchtime Poll 5/24/13: Help Us Choose Our Next Staff Writers”

Yes and no for me. If I get back into teaching, I’d want to do at least something about the experience– probably in the form of “hey, here’s how you could use these ideas to help You mentor a kid and help him/her study/apply for college/etc.”– but I’ve got some other ideas I’d like to try. I’m interested in possibly reviewing science fiction written by women, since I read this and it bothered me:

I’ve never played, but as there are at least three bowls clubs within five minutes of my house: it’s essentially the English boules/pétanque/bocce (there’s a little ball that everyone else has to throw their ball closest to without hitting it). The reason you know it’s English is everyone wears white while playing it :)

You’re going to launch members of Team Oxford Comma into space just because they like their favorite things to remind them of each other (in this cases jifs and jiffy peanut butter)? That just seems like a waste of manpower for the Team Oxford Comma fight.

I think I’ll stick with the softer form. The hard G makes me feel like I’m being a present tease towards my dog by only saying part of a trigger word so I can watch her ears perk up. “Do you wanna gif? Huh BugBug? I gotta nice gif for ya!” And because I don’t say the ‘t’ she doesn’t get off the couch to prance with me. But add that ‘t’ and wooo boy! We’re in for a fun ride!

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