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Lunchtime Poll 5/3/13: Brushes with Fame

A few weeks ago, the editors were killing time with a discussion about famous people we’ve met. This seems like a fun idea for an LTP. 

I once waited on John Cougar Mellencamp at a Denny’s, I (briefly) partied with Pantera, and I was in a 4H parade with former U.S. Senator Richard Lugar. One of the Shriners in front of our float (by which I mean pick-up truck with folding chairs in the bed) passed out from the heat, at which point then-Senator Lugar turned to me and said, “I think that guy’s dead.”

How about you, readers?

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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Now would be a good time to tell you that I said hello to Doves at a festival. They’re nice. Also, me and my best friend hung out with Powderfinger (Aussie band) before their concerts quite a bit, because nobody knew them in Germany yet, and we were pretty much the only people who turned up. My friend ended up exchanging emails with the guitar player and got us free entry to gigs from then on. Good times :D

This year I met Dule Hill in Chicago, and during college I interviewed Mary Steenburgen, which was fun. She’s really nice. When I was about 12 years old I met George Wendt (Norm from Cheers) while serving at a fundraiser. I don’t really run in to a lot of celebrity-celebrities living in a small town.

I met the Jonas Brothers before they were famous. Their parents used to pastor a church in New Jersey and that church used to give financial support to my parents (who are missionaries). When we visited their church back in 2001, the parents were all giddy about their son Nick’s rising Broadway career. The way they fawned over him was kinda creepy, tbh. Their kids seemed normal enough back then though. It was weird when they became the Jonas Brothers because I didn’t realize the connection right away.

While I was at school James Earl Jones and Bill Irwin came to give talks and I was able to meet them both while volunteering at the donor events we hosted afterwards.
When I interned in special events for a big theater company, I met several celebrities at opening night parties. Sarah Jessica Parker was by far the nicest. Also met Blythe Danner, Cynthia Nixon, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Cherry Jones, David Hyde Pierce, Bobby Cannavale.
I used to hang out at a bar where Paul Rudd had a weekly poker night with his friends. He brought in his own music to put on the jukebox and was excited to learn that my friends and I already knew about The Pogues.
I have also run into Danny Strong at a bunch of shows, and I always stare a bit too long because I’m trying to remember his real name. I tend to just want to call him Jonathan Levinson.
Drinking with Paul Rudd on multiple occasions is definitely the best story I have, though.

Haha, I bet you could–they were very low-key and laid back evenings (well, also very drunk evenings, but that’s what your twenties are for).
Haven’t been back to that bar in quite some time, and it’s likely he’s too famous now to go hang out there (this was right as he was starting to blow up, 2009ish).

I went to the same grade school as Jenifer Granholm’s kids, so she gave my class a talk on career day one year. This was before she was the Governer of Michigan though.

I had lunch with Sam Rami once.

My mother has my favorite brush with celebrity moment though. She used to work in the Joe Louis Arena and one day as she was walking in she saw one of the hockey players parking so that his car blocked the exit to the lot. She informed him of his jerk ass parking status and told him to move his car. He counters with his Red Wing status and when that failed to impress, he added that he had a lot of equipment to carry. Mother told him that she would carry it for him if he was so weak. At this point the four other hockey players standing behind my mother lost it and started giggling like a pack of school children. Hockey player number one moved his car.

This was during the playoffs. They won their game that night, so the day of the next game they came looking for “The parking lady” to make her yell at him again for good luck.

I have met a few dozen famous people but i still think doing shots with both current Senators from Montana and the former governor of Montana are some of my favorite memories. I worked on Senator Jon Tester’s election campaign in 06. On election night all the Democratic bigwigs showed up to Jon’s party. I had known Brian Schweitzer (then current governor of Montana) through various functions before and he invited me to have a drink with him. He thought it was a good idea to invite Jon over to join us. I was kind of amazed that I was about to drink with the governor and the soon to be Senator at the same time. Brian ordered us a round of Jamison and who was I to say no! Senator Baucus came over to say something to Brian and he decided to have a drink with us. It wasn’t quite shooting it with Sen. Baucus as I got a rum and coke but still to be drinking with some of the bigwigs of the state party was awesome.

I once had lunch with Frank Warren, the founder of PostSecret. He came to my university’s campus for an event and I interviewed him for one of my journalism classes along with another girl (whooo for press passes). He’s a fantastic human being.

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