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Lunchtime Poll: Farmer’s Market Goodies

With spring in the air I thought this would be a fun topic to bring up since I just toddled back home with a bunch of tasty goodies from my local farmer’s market. I bought goat cheese, bread, corn chips and giant hanging basket of fresh strawberries to have all year around. I am so excited to show my partner that his boy got him basically strawberries forever.

Hey, readers! What kind of things do you like to get when you go the farmer’s market, or your local co-op?

By Corbin

Corbin is a trans man living in Columbus Ohio with his fabulous ginger boyfriend and their two pet rats. He is a disability rights activist, fiction writer and collaborative storyteller, localvore and seeker of all things queer and geeky.

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We have a ridiculous amount of Farmer’s Markets in the Portland area, though many won’t open until late May/early June. I usually get strawberries and fresh flowers. I think I’ll get cherries this year.

I always get ambitious and plan all these meals and then I don’t make them (because I’m tired or whatever), so I have to be careful not to buy food that will just go to waste.

I just want good tomatoes… I remember as a kid (in GA), you basically couldn’t get a bad tomato. I recently spent 6 years in Alabama, and I am pretty sure we found less than 30 good tomatoes in all that time. WHERE were the farmers sending all the good tomatoes??

But I have high hopes this year. Also, I hope we’ll find some mint, because every time we try to grow it, chipmunks or mystery bugs get to it.

When I was a kid, we had wild patches (regular and also lemon mint) just growing in weird spots all over the neighborhood, so I thought it was pretty indestructible/would take over anything. So when we kept failing to have a thriving patch (or even just three measly plants), I was pretty befuddled.

I chalk it up to crap Alabama dirt and really sneaky chipmunks. They didn’t affect the cilantro, so that’s something. The lemon balm I grew in a pot out front did fine, too.

We’ve got a plot in a community garden this year, and we’re not allowed to grow tenacious perennials, more’s the pity.

I keep meaning to get to ours early because I hear that the Hutterite bread is amazing, but that they sell out quickly.

That said, the Hutterites often sell produce at my mom’s work, so she sometimes picks up some stuff for me there, including eggs. Short of having chickens myself, can’t get eggs more fresh than that.

My partner and I inevitably spend all of our money on cheese. Our farmers market is still indoors and twice-monthly, but will be starting in earnest fairly soon; I live in an aged/gentrified-hippy part of Chicago, so while there’s always the usual produce & such from Wisconsin/Michigan/etc, we also have things like goat milk soaps and fancy tofu. I haven’t been brave (or wealthy) enough to try the tofu yet, but someday…

What market are you talking about? In the western ‘burbs, we seem to only have “French” markets which are part craft fair/part farmers’ market so I’d be interested to hear which markets in the city are selling things like tofu. (To date, the best market I’ve been to was in Oak Park; it was chock full of different varieties of veggies and not a homemade hair bow in sight!)

I’m way up north in Rogers Park, which is a bit of a hike for you, I’d think; I’ve also been to Naperville’s and Glen Ellyn’s, both of which are excellent. Naperville has the usual suspects (little to no crafts, if I’m remembering correctly, but yes salsa & baked goods), with an abundance of flowers, and Glen Ellyn is more of a French Market, so Stuff, yes. I think the Green Market downtown is also pretty great, or at least I’ve heard as much. It’s hard for me to get that far south.

I buy all my fresh herbs (mostly basil) and homemade salsa. There’s one lady at the market that makes the best salsa. It’s spicy and a little sweet, chunky but not too chunky. It’s wonderful. I’m going to miss it when I move. :)

Melons and corn once the come in season are my favorites, and I get pretty much all my meat from Gratiot Central Market, which is kinda sorta part of Eastern Market, Detroit’s go to farmers market.

I love the idea of a strawberry hanging basket, but I am pretty black thumbed.

Ooohh, I love the idea of a strawberry hanging basket! I like to buy my veggies at our local farmers market, and, since it’s garden planting season, I also bought small herb plants from a local farmer. Specifically, basil, cilantro, oregano, lavender, and rosemary. I was super excited to get those planted this weekend! I also planted marigolds next to the herbs assuming that since they keep away rabbits, they’ll keep the squirrels away too. That’s my hope at least.

Our farmers’ markets also have lots of crafters. This weekend, there was a gentleman selling bird houses make out of reclaimed barn wood and other recycled material. Super cute, but a bit out of my price range.

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