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Lunchtime Poll: Exhaustion

I’ve recently graduated from college (as in, less than a week ago), and one thing they don’t warn you about: your subconscious will be in overload trying to keep you calm after you’ve jumped off this massive cliff in to adulthood (and unemployment, hurrah!) – working so hard that you’ll be exhausted. ALL. THE. TIME. And yet you won’t be able to sleep for more than a few hours for some mysterious reason (it might be the caffeine).

So, Persephoneers, I’m curious: what’s the longest you’ve ever slept? Any particular reason why?

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Yes. I worked three part-time jobs while doing full-time school plus a part time internship for a while last semester, and that is awful. I could only keep it up for a few weeks before quitting one of the jobs. Good luck in finding a day job!

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