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Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Female Video Game Character

Video games have a reputation as a bros’ club, yet more and more women play some kind of game (a recent report by the Entertainment Software Commission says 42% of gamers are female).

I love the Dragon Age series, which features a slew of amazing women. My favorite is Aveline from Dragon Age II, who embodies the perfect mix of traits: she is a tough warrior, yet has a nurturing maternal side.

Who is your favorite female video game character?

By Natasha

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Loved Tetra, from Windwaker; Midna, from Twilight Princess; Jess, from Lunar Legend; Sheena, from Tales of Symphonia… I was always a fan of the female character you could play in the later Pokemon games, too…it’s been too long since I’ve video game’d, thanks for reminding me that that’s a thing I can do!

I love puzzle games, too. I just like solving puzzles. But I wonder if part of why I like them is because they’re largely non-gendered? It’s not an issue of deciding who I want to be, I can just play.

Though there is Tetris fanfic, so clearly some people still like to imbue their puzzles with a story.

I did not know about Tetris fanfic.

Puzzle games are my most-of-the-time jam. My favorite games as a kid were Tetris and Dr. Mario. I like Lumines right now, but sinus pressure headaches/nausea from pregnancy makes it terrible to try and play.

I like watching people play RPG games, too, so I can do all the problem solving stuff but none of the fighting stuff.

I know it’s terribly unfeminist of me but I have a massive soft spot for Mai Shiranui. Yes she is basically the godmother of the fighting fuck toy trope, but Fatal Fury II was one of young Opifex’s favorite games, and a still kind of love Mai.

And I love Fran from Final Fantasy XII. But god do I wish she had a better outfit.

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