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Lunchtime Poll: Feeling Ambitious

When I was a child, I wanted to be a painter. After a while I realized I had zero talent.

What did you want to be? What stopped you? Who stopped you? Did nothing stop you? Are we all where we want to be? Tell me about your goals and ambitions!

By Karo

Schnazzy East German translator and cricket obsessive residing in England. I have other qualities, too.

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Oh, I wanted to be sooo many things. I was one of those kids. I went from veterinarian to police officer, to marine biologist to astronaut, to writer, to biomedical engineer (so that way I could gain experience and become a writer like Michael Crichton who had gone to med school) to realizing I had no math skills and probably would hate it. So now I’m a writer again, but also want to work for the CDC. And solve world hunger, seriously, I want to solve world hunger. Sooooo. Yeah.

My dad and my grandpa aided this constant state of job flux because they would evaluate my choices based on whether or not there was any money in it. They meant it as a means of making sure of job security, and I understand and appreciate their concern, but I’ve since broken away from that and just want to be able to eat and stuff. And accomplish aforementioned goals. Um.

I also thought about being a painter, or the more vague “artist.” Then I thought I could be a dancer, since I took dance classes, but then I took a turn to wanting to be a fashion designer.

I had notebooks upon notebooks full of outfit ideas, some crazy couture-like creations, some more practical. I watched House of Style, runway shows on E!, all that. I wasn’t the best at drawing, but I did ok.

Then I hit 7th and 8th grade (12 and 13 years old), where we had to take sewing classes, and I discovered I couldn’t really sew. In fact, sewing machines seemed to require excorisms whenever I touched them.

And then I realized I’d been writing and writing all this time, really ever since I could handle the alphabet. I’d taught myself to type at 8 years old. In fact, I was pretty good at it and all my friends really enjoyed reading my stories.

So here I am. Writing. Not really making any money at it yet (who does, on the majority, really?) but it has worked out.

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