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Lunchtime Poll: Going to the Zoo

The weather is finally nice here in NY, so we’re planning our first zoo trip of the year!

I always like to see the tigers at the Bronx Zoo, and Lexie is super excited to see the gorillas and pretty much all of the other animals (though after a hilarious unfortunate licking incident while feeding the giraffe at a small animal park last summer, she’s now a bit leery of them). What are your favorite animals at the zoo?

By [E] Hillary

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I haven’t been to the zoo in awhile. Well, all right, I went while it was snowing in Chicago, which kind of fun cause no one was there, and everything was blanketed with snow and pretty.

My favorite animals are the big cats and the reptiles. As long as I visit those two areas, I’m good. Anything else is just gravy.

Oooo… I haven’t been to the Bronx Zoo in quite a while. It’s a really nice place to spend an afternoon.

I grew up near Omaha, and the Henry Doorly Zoo is AMAZING. I miss being able to go there whenever.

Favorite animals: Reptiles, any and all reptiles.

My family has a tradition of going to the zoo the day after Thanksgiving! It’s such a good time to go: the weather is cool so the animals aren’t passed out from the heat and no one is there!

My favorite animals at my zoo are the polar bears and the kangaroos. The Detroit zoo has a great setup for them. For the bears, you get to see them swimming over you. and for the ‘roos, it’s an open exhibit, so there isn’t a barrier between you and them.

I also usually pay extra to feed the giraffes.

I just realized that technically this’ll be our second zoo trip of the year, because when we visited my family in Texas in January it was 70 degrees out one day so we went to the tiny zoo in town. It has a tube slide through the otter tank that is a ton of fun! But this’ll be the first trip to the Bronx Zoo in a while.

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