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Lunchtime Poll: Hated Musicians

I knew my first lunchtime poll had to be a music one because I love music.  I listen to it way too much.

We all have bands that millions of people love that we cannot stand. I for the life of me cannot figure out why people love KISS. They are just simply not appealing to me. What baffles me is when someone does not like the Beatles because, duh, it’s the Beatles. I also feel that sometimes we grow into bands that were too adult for us as young kids. I was not ready for the Rolling Stones back in my punk teenage days but now they totally are listenable to. Music to me is fluid and we all have ebbs and flows of what we listen to.

Today’s lunchtime poll is a two-parter. Which respected musical artists can you just not stand? What respected musical artists have you grown to love over the years?

By Alyson

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That’s cool! I don’t thiiiink I’m related to anyone as well-known as Elvis Costello.

My husband lurves him enough that I sometimes have to listen. I think “Alison” (I know, sorry!) and “Veronica” are the songs that drive me the most nuts. I kind of love “Shipbuilding.”

I actually used to be one of the Beatles-haters. I know! Now I love them. I blame my brother – he had the CD “1” and would put it on repeat in his room while I was reading and I, across the hall, would then hate-listen to it for hours because he would have left. I think that’s more about sibling dynamics/my own laziness than anything else. I spent last night listening to the White Album on vinyl and mmmmm so good

I’ve seriously grown to love Bob Dylan in the past 5 years or so. I couldn’t stand him as a kid.

On another note, I recently discovered a friend who had NEVER heard of the Beatles. I played her multiple songs because IT’S THE MOTHEREFFING BEATLES–YOU KNOW THEIR MUSIC!, and nope she wasn’t familiar with ANY of them. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?!? I still don’t understand. It’s one thing not to like them, but to not know them? I can’t even. A little piece of me is still crying from that revelation.

I have a vintage style tee for The Who, the bull’s eye logo, iconic stuff. I had to have a bit of a sad when a girl read my shirt aloud to me in a perplexed tone of voice because she had never heard if them. But they are less legion than Beatles. Holy cow. How do you avoid the Beatles?

*hides* well…I got to high school (I had switched schools for an arts school so I made lots of new friends) and my friends kept talking about this John Lennon guy. And I say, who is that? The death stares…

But really, part of it was that my dad didn’t really share his music tastes (because I do think he likes the Beatles) and my mom just wasn’t really into them from what I know so they were just not mentioned. And then I was not a curious child when it came to music. I got what I got and was like okay. I had heard of Paul McCartney because of…sigh…the mother shouting about him on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody but I was with Zack and Cody when they asked who that was. They hurriedly educated me, and I have more Beatles songs in my playlists, but I’m still not well versed.

As for music I’ve grown into, I don’t think I’ve had any of those in terms of respected artists. Like I said, I was not musically curious. While this has mostly changed, I don’t devote much time to going out and just finding new music by the greats or anything. I’m the friend everyone loves to dump their favorites onto because I’ll listen to anything to get new music. So hey, anyone got some suggestions?

Well if it makes you feel any better, this particular friend of mine is 26. Said friend also just recently discovered Rod Stewart and fell in love with his Christmas album, which is all sorts of hilarious to me.

This all being said, I am by no means well-versed in music. Ironically enough, I was also the friend that everyone dumped their music tastes onto–so I feel ya. :)

Ah well, that does make me feel better. I don’t understand 26, since like, you hopefully would have gotten out of the house more and I feel like you would just…there are commercials with Beatles songs. And the Beatles. I don’t know. Maybe it was one of those, I’ve never heard of it so I don’t see it things?

Haha very nice. :) I still get regular mixed cds from a friend whose music taste is at the very least, wide. So that’s fun.

Journey. I hate Journey so damn much. If I never hear “Don’t Stop Believing” again it will have been to soon.

As for the second half, I always sorta liked Buddy Holly, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really got into his music. It took me being older to really appreciate his guitar style and odd hiccupy way of singing.

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