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Lunchtime Poll: Reading Roll Call

Gosh, is it another month already? I think I lost April in my packing boxes and painting binges.

Cover of White Teeth
Cover of White Teeth

So, as it is the first Thursday of the month, its time to check in on our reading. My reading has fallen off considerably (see opening sentence), which is bad for both my mental health and my competitive streak. I do a reading challenge every year and keep track of it on Goodreads, and every time I log in, Goodreads lets me know how many books behind I am. God, Goodreads, get off my case! Anyway, book club this month was White Teeth by Zadie Smith, a novel I’ve been meaning to get around to for forever. My copy of it came in late so I won’t be done by the time the club meets, but what an amazing novel. Ever just open a book up and read a couple of lines and totally just fall in love with the style, and then maybe the author a little? That was me with White Teeth. Gorgeous prose – I’m sorry I took so long to check it out.

What are you reading right now?

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I have too many books waiting to be read… I’m a few chapters into “Waterland” by Graham Swift, and I adore it. I’m now a book club member too (woohoo, old age!) and have to tackle “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” within the next three weeks too. Somebody take my children to the park please!!!

I feel like I only catch these threads when I’m reading the less than original or amazing stuff. Right now I’m reading The Dark Glamour: A 666 Park Avenue Novel with the sentence “Welcome to the Upper East Side. Where the socialites are witches” plastered over the cover. It’s by Gabriella Pierce (I don’t trust this to be her real name) and it’s ..kind of really bad but sort of entertaining. And hot men, of course.

I’m slogging my way through Les Miserables. I enjoy it but you get caught up in the plot only to have it come to a halt and suddenly 19 chapters about the battle of Warerloo. And then, there, at the very end of the 19th chapter I little snippet about how Thenardier was there. It gets exhausting.

I just finished Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger. And I’ve started to listen to the audio book of The Bone Doll’s Twin by Lynn Flewelling.

I finished Catherynne Valente’s Six Gun Snow White (quick read, tight writing, recommend it!) a few weeks ago and since then I’ve been taking it easy on the reading front. I did just purchase a few books, and I have Valente’s Deathless on deck, but for the past few weeks, I’ve been reading…fanfic. It’s brain candy.

I LOVE Zadie Smith, and White Teeth is definitely my favorite of hers so far. I just finished “The Driver’s Seat” by Muriel Sparks for a book club, and am still reading “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison for myself. I’d highly recommend both, albeit for wildly different reasons.

I’m reading Superman: An Unauthorized Biography. I’m enjoying it, but I keep wishing Weldon would go into more detail about things. It’s encyclopedic in breadth but a little lacking in depth. And Goodreads informs me that I’m 15 books behind.

I’m between books at the moment in an attempt to keep me focused on studying. So instead I keep reading the terrible free romance novels on Kindle and iBooks. Luckily I can finish one in a couple og hours, so it’s not a time drain, but I’d rather be reading real books.

Ack, I wanted to love “White Teeth”, was in reach of the end, but couldn’t read any more. With a similarish vibe are Roopa Farooki’s books which are nothing short of wonderful. At the moment I’m reading “21st Century Boys: How Modern life is driving them off the rails and how we can get them back on track” as I loved Sue Palmer’s “Toxic Childhood”.

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