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Lunchtime Poll: Say Something Nice

If Anne Hathaway’s Oscar campaign taught us anything, it was that there is a fine line between humility and ambition. Failure to to properly align yourself on the side of the humble “little ole me” routine, leads to being called “try-hard,” “disingenuous,” or even “bitch.” Because of this, women are constantly playing coy about their accomplishments and their ambition.

This is not the time to pretend we aren’t proud, confident, and great. It’s community icebreaker/trust building time:


Example: While nothing I said above is particularly funny or witty, I can be pretty hilarious (even if most of it is self-deprecating and weird).

Here’s something that gets me feeling great about myself,┬ábecause Julie Andrews has that effect on everyone:

By Karishma

Karishma is a twenty-something living in New York City and is trying her hardest to live out every cliche about Millennials. This involves eating her feelings, drowning in debt and mocking infomercials. She likes sociology so much that she has two degrees in it, and is still warding off her parents' questions about a real career.

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I seem to make people laugh a lot. I have this tendency to pick up what people like and dislike and mold myself to that. Not like changing myself to fit in, but more like playing on the aspects about myself I know that they would like MORE and then using it to get them to laugh and be happy. I try to make people be happy.

First of all, hey gurl hey!

Apparently, I’m really damn good at putting events together. I just put together an art show at the center I work at and everyone loved it. The kids loved seeing their artwork and showing off to the parents and I loved putting it together. Everyone, parents and teachers alike kept praising me for it. :)

Just came back from a week of field work with the research lab I work with. My boss told me that my performance out there was amazing and that I am “a total force of nature”. Then he offered me a post-doc position for when I finish my degree. Basically: I am a total fish research badass. I am also kicking my phd dissertation’s ass at the moment and defending my research proposal (not the dissertation itself…) *months* before anyone else in the rest of my cohort. I am on top of my game!

Smart, hilarious, sexy. Boo-yah.

(And sorry my braggadocio comes with cursing. Or in the interest of self-affirmation time: I’m not sorry, it’s just my natural piss-and-vinegar!)


A post-doc position offer is like… a golden dream.

Also, I did some camp counseling a long time ago, and we took the campers to Auburn University’s fisheries a couple of times– and it blew my mind. Fish stuff is radical, and I kinda for a minute wished I had gone into the sciences instead of English.

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