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Lunchtime Poll: To All You Left-Brained Peeps

For many years, my sister struggled with what she wanted to do with her life (don’t we all!). She wanted to be a photographer. And a mathematician. And a fashion model. And all this within her senior year of high school.

Now this doesn’t seem like much different than many of us experienced well into our college years, and sometimes beyond. But what caused this struggle was her left-brained mind combined with her need for a creative outlet.

Today, my sister has found her niche. While she pursues a career in astrophysics – and wasn’t that a surprise! – she runs a blog, Astronista, and sells science-related jewelry.

Here’s to you left-brained people, what is your right-brained passion?

By Bipolar Gurl

Bipolar Gurl is an artist and... well, that's about it really. Multi-talented she is not.

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(I’m right-brained, sorry! Here’s my opposite-person-answer…). I like arty things and writing and intuition and all that, but I was a beast with geometry in H.S. and not too shabby with (basic basic basic babystuff) programming in college– so I like that kind of step-by-step logical problem solving business. When my mostly-English-stuff students asked me questions about math or science back in the day, I was always secretly pleased because I miraculously still had some of those knowledges left in my brain.

I was horrible at geometry! You’d think I wouldn’t as it’s kind of art related in a way- but things like perspective already make my eye twitch, so geometry is like that doubled. I am very jealous. And most of what I learned science and math wise is so buried in my head I don’t think spelunkers could find it…

To be honest- I can’t think of one thing left-brained that I completely enjoy. I guess you could say I get into strategy a bit when it comes to advertising, but that’s still very right-brained because you need to think out of the box sometimes.

Wait- I take that back! Now that I think about it- I like building websites. Less than half of that is design related, most is coding.

And ANY programming deserves kudos, baby stuff or not. =)

Yeah science! Although I pretty much always knew what I wanted to do. Most of my creative outlet comes from knitting, a smidge of drawing, and much writing. Also gardening and running (which I totally consider to be pretty right-brained).

It seems like all of my right-brain activities are tempered by left-brain-y-ness, while my left-brain activities are made all the more better by my slightly less vocal right-brain.

I can understand that- even when I try and do something more science related, I often use my art as a vehicle for it. It’s what I know after all.

Sounds like you do a lot of ‘right-brained’ activities- that’s awesome! I think more people need creative outlets. Even if they never see the light of day, doing something using your hands or your imagination is a great exercise.

Though similarly, I think right-brained people need to do some more rational/logical/scientific exercises as well- even if it’s just sudoku. Of course, I’m really bad at this!

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