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Lunchtime Poll: What’s Your Summer Drink?

There are certain beverages that only exist in my life when the temperature exceeds 80°. I look forward to many things about summer, not least of which are my fun summertime drinks.

My hot weather drinks:

Non-alcoholic: Cold-brewed iced coffee with coffee ice cubes and simple syrup.

Alcoholic: Sweet tea vodka and lemonade, with a few fresh mint leaves and ice cubes made from peach juice. I haven’t named it yet.

How about you? What drinks define summer for you?

16 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: What’s Your Summer Drink?”

Sangria made with Sprite, red wine (play with the ratio depending on how tipsy I like to be) and pre-frozen fruit, or pineapple soda and coconut rum. Unsweetened, decaffeinated iced tea, which I used to make fun of my parents for drinking, but have come to love after discovering that caffeine gives me migraines in large amounts and that sweet tea is gross after years of drinking it unsweetened. I’m so sorry, Southerners.

Ginger beer with ice (and vodka or whiskey, to taste).

Where I live (England) everybody goes mad for Pimms which I can’t join in with. On the plus side it’s usually served with strawberries, cucumber, orange slices etc. so it’s basically an alcoholic fruit salad.

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