Mid-Week News: Beat the Bad

Greetings, poodles and kittens! Welcome back, you wacky lovely bunch of boos, you basket of tappy toes. We convene for another roundabout recap of all the news that proves that recreational drinking has been created to dull the pain and that eating your feelings is a pretty good method, too. This week has been a doozy, so strap on your big girl panties and ready your bitch face, ’cause shit ain’t gonna go down easy.

Scene from The Simpsons; Homer looks through the bedroom door at Marge and says, "Oh, by the way, I was being sarcastic."
This is pretty much what we mean when we say “best week ever”

Emergency workers pulled more than 100 survivors from the rubble of homes, schools, and a hospital in an Oklahoma town hit by a powerful tornado, and officials lowered the death toll from the storm to 24, including nine children. The two mile (three km) wide tornado tore through Moore, outside Oklahoma City on Monday afternoon, trapping victims beneath the rubble, wiping out entire neighborhoods, and tossing vehicles. (Huffington Post)

Do you want to help those affected by the Oklahoma tornado? Here is a list of services you can go through. (Huffington Post)

In interesting news, Sens. Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn, both Republicans, repeatedly voted against funding disaster aid for other parts of the country, most recently, Hurricane Sandy. They also have opposed increased funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which administers federal disaster relief. And now, here they are. (Huffington Post)

Just hours after thousands of metro New York City citizens marched to mourn the death of Mark Carson and to protest NYC’s wave of anti-gay hate crimes, there were two more violent anti-gay hate crime attacks. These attacks bring this month’s list of anti-gay hate crimes to seven. The recent murder of 32-year-old Mark Carson last week has capped off the recent violence against gay men in New York City. (The New Civil Rights Movement)

Guatemala’s top court has overturned the genocide conviction of former military ruler Efrain Rios Montt and ordered that his trial restart. Constitutional Court secretary Martin Guzman said on Monday that the trial needs to go back to where it stood on April 19 to solve several appeal issues. The ruling came 10 days after a three-judge panel convicted the 86-year-old Rios Montt of genocide and crimes against humanity for his role in massacres of Mayans during Guatemala’s civil war. It found he knew about the slaughter of at least 1,771 Ixil Mayans in the western highlands and did not stop it. (Al Jazeera)

These times are scary, these times are tough. And they can be so goddamn sad and depressing. But even in the worst of times, know that there is potential light. For all the ignorance and the hate, we owe it to ourselves and to others to radiate the good stuff: love, hope, and care. So don’t get cynical on me, precious – ’tis far too easy, even with a sarcastic wench like me. So remember, when the going gets tough, the tough start lovin’. Love on, kittens. Love on.

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Several people on my twitter timeline have been /very displeased/ by the by-now-common note of OK votes regarding disaster aid. They think that the implication is that red states got themselves in to this mess, or something, and thus don’t deserve care. It does make one think differently of all the ink spilled on the subject.

The other side is people trying to comment on Obama & the Dems now trying to get background checks on tornadoes. Now that’s flat out stupid.

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