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New Show Recap: Scandal, Season 2, Episode 20, “A Woman Scorned”

“I’m not a toy you can play with when you’re bored or lonely or horny. I’m not the girl who the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. Earn me.”

Olivia opens the door to find Jake guarding her
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The Men Know What is Best for Olivia – Why Won’t She Listen?

We start with Olivia swimming laps, which we know means she has a lot to think about. Her bathing suit, an elegant white with black piping, is TDF. (It is at this point that I warn you that I’ll be mentioning Olivia’s clothes a LOT during these reviews. I could say it’s because they are a character in the show, blah blah blah, but in reality it’s just because they look awesome.) She comes up for air to see Jake at the edge of the pool. Olivia has had it with Jake, as have I. (Also, does it look like the makeup person on the show really doesn’t like Scott Foley? He always looks ruddy and his lips are a strange color of pink.) Later, in her apartment, she calls Fitz and demands that Jake leave. Fitz refuses, and, via Jake, threatens to take her into custody on a material witness warrant. There’s that imperious side of Fitz that I am less than dazzled by.

Liv finally shows her steel with Fitz, telling him that if he wants to be with her, he needs to earn her. I suspect that a lot of people were cheering when Liv finally took control of the situation, but I wasn’t one of them. The choice of the word “earn” didn’t sit well with me, because it seems like Liv is objectifying/commodifying herself with the one person who already has a tendency to treat her like a possession.

Cyrus and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Cyrus is juggling a lot of balls right now. He is so distracted that he doesn’t get upset when James wants to take an on-air network news job. He spends a lot of time striding through the tunnels between the White House and Blair House while mediating between Mellie and Fitz. He’s also taking calls from Charlie, who has viewed Jake’s surveillance tapes and sees that Jake and Olivia have had sex.

Unfortunately for Cyrus, Mellie doesn’t seem to care that she is risking her political capital by going public with Fitz’s infidelity. Fitz has decided that Olivia is more important than the presidency. Cyrus understands Fitz’s incentive for doing this, but he seems to believe that Mellie is acting this way as a woman scorned. I’m not buying this, even if Mellie does threaten to call Fitz a “whore-loving bastard.” Mellie doesn’t act out of emotion, so I’m wondering if we’ll see her real motives at some point down the road. In desperation, Cy asks Mellie, “What if I could get rid of Olivia Pope?” That’s pretty scary coming from Cyrus, who came this close to killing his husband a while back.

Cyrus has a happy moment when he comes home and James kisses him passionately and invites him back into their bed. James is moved that Cyrus is letting him take the on-air job, which is going to be more Anderson Cooper and less man-on-the-street during a hurricane. His voice is shaky from profound emotion when he says, “They just showed me my suits.” (I have to approve of James’ priorities.) Cy is teary as he realizes that his marriage with James is OK.

Poor Cyrus – this reprieve ends when he realizes that James is the one doing the interview with Mellie. For Cyrus, that means one last sprint through the White House tunnels, all the while roaring with anger on his cell. I hope he recognizes that James wasn’t complicit in this. For some reason, I’m rooting for these two kids to make it.

Ugh, More Jake

Olivia is slowly beginning to admit she is in danger, after much convincing. Fitz refuses to pull her security, but Olivia thinks it is a romantic power play and dismisses it. She is shaken, though, when Huck tells her that Charlie killed Amanda Tanner on Cyrus’s orders. He’s concerned since the last woman who slept with the president ended up in the Potomac River. Huck has never revealed that he knows that Olivia and Fitz were sleeping together, so this is doubly jarring for Olivia. She is really thrown when Cyrus appears at her door, and Jake refuses to let him in. (As Jake points out, Olivia doesn’t object when he does that.)

Cyrus’s visit leads to a quid pro quo discussion between Liv and Jake. He admits he copied a hard drive and that he knows about her and the president, something she denies. She admits that she thinks that it’s possible that Cyrus is the mole, but she can’t buy that he would be disloyal to the president. Somehow this leads to her making out with Jake, but despite the genuine passion in her kiss, I think it’s simply a tactic to throw Jake off his game.

Jake talks with Mysterious Powerful Guy Played by Joe Morton, telling him that he has been compromised and that Cyrus knows too much. MPGPBJM tells him to keep an eye on Cyrus, but for God sake’s don’t kill him, since he could be useful.

Charlie Gets Things Done

Olivia’s staff reveals to her that it was Charlie who came into her apartment and that they suspect that Cyrus is the mole. (I noticed that everyone is using Cy’s last name – Beene. Why? {Because “Cyrus Beene” is the best name on television. ~ed.} Liv doesn’t want to believe them and tells them that they better be damn sure this time, since the last person they thought was the mole ended up dead. She reluctantly authorizes them to hack Cy’s cell phone to track down Charlie.

[pullquote2 quotes=”true” align=”right” variation=”red” textColor=”#000000″ cite=”Charlie on 50 Shades of Grey”]But frankly, I find the level of violence in 50 Shades more than a little bit disturbing.[/pullquote2]
The staff sets out to track Charlie down, first going to a bakery and then a book club. (No one can say that the life of a contract killer is an idle one – Charlie seems to be pretty tightly scheduled, and he gets results. No wonder they didn’t want Huck to have a family. The job simply doesn’t allow for it, time-wise.) They find a very nice woman, Tammy, who believes that she is Charlie’s girlfriend. Unfortunately for her, Charlie was just using her to steal her laptop, which contains valuable data on Defiance (she was the court stenographer in the grand jury case). The gladiators realize that Cyrus is NOT the mole, because he already knows all about Defiance. He’s also not the Albatross, for those of you who are paying close attention to this plotline. However, the mole works for the Albatross (I think), and the squid (Jake) works for the Albatross, too.

And It’s Done

Finally, Fitz lives up to his promise and lets Mellie go ahead with her interview. He shows up at Olivia’s apartment and dismisses Jake. Olivia is dressed in her equivalent of sweats: ivory silk pajama pants and a drape-necked tunic. He tells Olivia he is going to stay in her apartment and they will watch together as the clock on his marriage runs out. He convinces her that he has chosen her, and that they will watch the story break together. Unless, of course she doesn’t want him. It’s done. Fitz has shown his vulnerability and his commitment. Their eyes meet, and Olivia makes her choice. He has earned her. He and Olivia spend the time that the interview is airing making love all over her apartment.

Meanwhile Mellie gives her performance, and what a performance it is. Her interviewer, James, is stunned and clearly sandbagged by Mellie’s revelations. Poor James, he’s always the puppet of the powerful. I have to wonder, also, who pulled the strings to make sure that James was the one doing the interview, since clearly he wasn’t chosen for his skills or experience. Was it the Albatross?

Not-So-Deep Thoughts

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  • Did you see the creepy look on Charlie’s face when he was watching Olivia and Jake get it on? Ugh.
  • I’m hoping David Rosen will join the group, but I’m not quite sure how they can make that happen. I’m hoping Shonda Rhymes uses her magical skills to sell me on it with making me lose respect for myself.
  • Mellie reminds me of an evil doll. A LOT.



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I had so many feelings during this episode.
1. OLIVIA. YOU CAN DO BETTER. Close that door, board up the windows, start treating Fitz like the soul-eating emotional zombie he is. Jake too, with his strange pink lips.
3. Team David Rosen as Gladiator.
5. Cyrus can go from 0 to murder very, very fast.

Love it — 0 to murder. I love Olivia’s clothes — I have a Pinterest board called Plusciously Olivia Pope that tries to find Plus-size Olivia Pope-esque outfits. In real life I have dogs and kids, but in my imaginary life, I’m wearing ivory silk pajamas and a dryclean-only cashmere robe.

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