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New Show Recap: Scandal, Season 2, Episode 22, “White Hat’s Back On”

OK, I’ve got some blood on my hands. But I had good reasons. I had to get rid of the CIA guy. It was the only way to get the heat off me. And that Wendy girl, which I know I framed you for. She screwed things up, so she had to die. Same with Molly. I didn’t have a choice, OK? I was boxed into a corner. ~ Billy Chambers, who forgot to mention the journalist he killed, but hey, as he might point out, nobody’s perfect

After seeming out of sorts last week, Olivia has found her bearings. Her wardrobe reflects this, because she is wearing a dazzling array of creams and ivory throughout the episode, which, in addition to emphasizing the perfection of her skin, is a sign that Liv feels powerful. So powerful that she fears no coffee.

How Do You Handle a Problem Like Billy Chambers?

The Defiance gang gets together, minus Verna, but plus her killer, Fitz. Olivia homes in on the best solution: they need to get the card back from Billy.

Olivia’s team is on it, and they are quickly able to learn that Chambers is partnering with Governor Reston, AKA the guy who should have won the election, AKA Olivia’s client who got away with murdering his wife’s lover. Reston approaches Fitz with a deal: lose the current vice president, the immensely self-serving Sally Langston, who is already making noise about challenging Fitz for the presidency, and make him the new running mate. Fitz throws him out of the office. Olivia theorizes that this proposed deal was actually just an attempt to get Fitz to admit something incriminating on tape. Fitz was not that stupid.

Huck and Quinn attempt to torture Billy Chambers into giving them the Defiance disk. They have a power drill all juiced up and ready to go, but Huck can’t do it. Quinn stops him, then grabs the power drill and gleefully tortures the information out of Billy, including the fact that David Rosen is Billy’s contact, NOT Charlie. They get the disk, but it turns out to be a fake. David Rosen still has the real one.

In the No Surprise Department

After roaring around sputtering with impotent rage about the news that Governor Reston is collaborating with Billy, Cyrus finally has that heart attack we all saw coming. However, that doesn’t shut him down; he is frantically calling Fitz even as the EMTs in the ambulance attempt to stabilize him. He remains in the hospital room long enough to receive a few important visitors: Fitz, Mellie, and James. Fitz’s visit seems to be without agenda, but Mellie seizes the opportunity to meet with Fitz directly and negotiate terms. Fitz isn’t buying, and terrifies Mellie with his version of how things will proceed from there.

James is teary and begs Cy not to die while they are fighting. When Cy responds weakly that he’ll try, the two men embrace, and James just can’t resist getting a little inside information on the president’s supposed efforts to repair his marriage. Truly, these two are a match made in heaven.

Turn! Turn! Turn!

Like any good Shonda Rhymes show, the season ends with some storylines neatly wrapped up, and new ones presented.

  • After negotiating a honey of a deal with Fitz, David hands over the Defiance disk as well as a tape with Billy Chambers’ confession. In exchange, he ends up the subject of a press conference where he is hailed as a national hero for unmasking Billy Chambers when no one else was able to do so. He is also the new U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, which I guess he deserves. The good news is that he sets things right for himself; the bad news is we probably won’t be seeing him as much as we used to.
  • After saving her life yet again, Jake explains to Olivia that he is really part of some secret division of the CIA. There was a special name for said division, but NO. I am a little albatross/mole/Defianced out and can’t deal with another Mysterious Name. Talk to me next fall. He tells her that his mission was to sleep with her, and that she shouldn’t regret seeing the last of him. Olivia has him close his eyes, then tenderly kisses him good-bye. Later, we see Jake being shoved into that box in the ground where Huck spent so much time. Watching him from above is Rowan.
  • Quinn is high as a coked-up kite on the violence, and she is talking rapidly and raving about the experience. Huck doesn’t want any part of it, and he ends the season really rattled by Quinn’s transformation, which echoes the way he used to feel about the torture biz.
Huck looks away from an agitated Quinn
Photo Courtesy of ABC TV.

Olivia Wears the White Hat

Ultimately, Liv and Fitz decide to take a break (or something, who knows with these two). She urges him to go back to Mellie so he can win the election. The last thing we see of Fitz is him literally groveling at Mellie’s feet. Cue wave of nausea at that sight.

Liv returns to her loyal employees, who have sacrificed so much for her. Seriously, these people are a mess. (Only Harrison seems relatively unscathed, but then again, he did have to wear that shirt in the last episode. Look at your life, look at your choices, Harrison.) She needs to help them now.  As she tells Fitz, “I’m their gladiator.”

Also, at some point in the episode, Olivia literally dons a white hat. Now, Kerri Washington can get away with almost anything, but that fedora made her look like she was in a vintage Virginia Slims ad.  It was a hat not worthy of her, and a little obvious to boot.


Presumably safe because she has walked away from Fitz, Olivia steps out for a run wearing a sleek white running suit. When she opens the door, she is surrounded by reporters demanding to know if she is having an affair with the president. Before she can respond, she is whisked into a limo where Rowan is waiting. However, Olivia doesn’t call him Rowan, she calls him “Dad.” What what what WHAT?

Things to Ponder this Summer

  • Well, now we see where Olivia gets some of her strategic political skills. It will be interesting to see the dynamic between Olivia and her dad. However, was anyone else immediately intrigued by the idea of eventually meeting Liv’s mother? And, also, may I suggest that for Olivia’s grandmother, the only person who should be considered is the legendary Miss Diahann Carroll?
  • Quinn has always been a weak link in the show, at least to me. I’m hoping that her new blood lust means that she is on her way out, since having two torturers on staff is redundant, especially in this economy.

And Finally

It’s time to say goodbye for a while to Olivia’s shawl-collared coat. Coat, we will miss you.

Olivia wears a white coat with a shawl collar
Photo Courtesy of ABC TV.

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10 replies on “New Show Recap: Scandal, Season 2, Episode 22, “White Hat’s Back On””

Your Scandal reviews really rock my socks. Had me giggling aloud, dudette!

And yes! A million times yes to Diahann Carroll playing Liv’s mom! They’re blindingly perfect ensembles would make every fashionista and pleb such as myself drool

I am all in on this show. Can’t get enough.
Even when I can’t get behind the dysfunction of “Olitz” (I hate them together and I hate that portmanteau – even if their sex scenes are incredibly hot.)
Even when I can’t stand the holes like Huck doing a bug sweep at the same time every month.
Even when I never get enough of my Harrison.
Even when my jaw drops because the dude who ostensibly ordered Noel Crane – I mean Jake – to sleep with Liv, and then watched the video and planned to use it against her was her DADDY. So gross.
Even with all of this, if Scandal came on every day at 1pm and hawked Cheerios during the show to keep up revenue, Shonda’s got me hooked.

And now that I’ve watched the Doctor Who season finale, I will spend the summer truly forlorn.

I also hate that pormanteau and, now that I think of it, would only use one of their last names: GROPE. Or PANT.
I’m definitely hooked, and I don’t see anything coming in the summer that will have the same addictive pull, so solidarity.

Bonus points for referencing Virginia Slims ads and considering the fiscal responsibility of having two torturers in the same team of gladiators. You complete me, Moretta. You complete me.

THIS SHOW. This show absolutely should not work, it’s like a smoothie made of Falcon Crest, Lifetime movies, and conspiracy theory websites, topped with a couple vats of Cool Whip(tm). But it works! And it is GLORIOUS. I just spent all my walking-around money for the month buying the whole season on Amazon so I can watch it repeatedly over the summer.

I have so many thoughts, and I’m coming back to lay them all out for you, but if I start now I won’t do all the work I have to do before the end of the night. Until then, a gif, which is an approximate representation of how I feel about this show.

Okay. The work is done. I can give this my full attention now.

1. I almost liked Jake for a second this episode, but he’s going to wake up next season on a different show and not remember when he used to have an Olivia.
2. Oh Jesus, Fitz, no wonder they had to fix the election, I’d worry about you finding your way out of a room with six doors. While it’s true going down is a pretty good superpower, it’s not enough, dude. You need to come back as Josiah Bartlet next season or I am going to start hoping terrible things happen to you.
3. Olivia, you minx, I want you to be happy and having all the happy sexytimes you want, but you SHINE when you’re not in a room with either Jake or Fitz, and that should tell you something. They suck all the wind out of you.
6. So Quinn really took to torture. I bet, if she stays on, she’ll be recruited by B316, or whatever it’s called. Which could be interesting, hell, on this show it could be riveting.
7. I actually kind of liked the hat, Virginia Slims Charlie Girl and all. Because Kerry Washington could wear a dress made of bars of soap and look ravishing.
8. While I’ll miss Rosen as the couch-surfing gladiator who likes cereal, but I’m glad he’s back where he can thrive. He’s so good as a foil/ally/foil for the Gladiators, I think they can have more fun with him there.
It’s going to be a long, lonely summer without Olivia. And Cyrus, my favorite evil republican overlord.

Olivia surrenders her power to Fitz so willingly, it’s painful. I love seeing her on the job. I think it’s possible she realized how much she loves it, too, and her decision to stay with OPA wasn’t just about helping her people.

Jake did seem decent for the first time, and his lips weren’t so cherry chapstick pink, either.

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