News Appetizers: Welcome to the Hellmouth

Remember how in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the second hellmouth was in Cleveland, OH? This week’s news may confirm that.

Today in truth being more frightening than fiction, three women who were kidnapped 10 years ago escaped and the three men who held them captive in Cleveland were arrested. NYTimes

A Pentagon study sees a sharp rise in sexual assaults. Now will they start doing something about it? NYTimes

The bookend to this is that the U.S. air force sexual assault prevention chief has been charged with sexual battery. The Guardian

Chris Christie got lap band surgery for his wife and children the sake of a presidential run. BBC 

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has filed its first criminal action against a debt-settlement company. Apparently, the company took the fees and used them for their own gain rather than to pay creditors. NPR

Obama is meeting with South Korea’s prime minister, and of course it’s all about how North Korea is the worst. NPR

The Senate has passed an Internet sales tax bill. Conservatives hate it, though, even though it may help even the playing field for small, local retailers. The Guardian

Oh balls. Mark Sanford won the special election in South Carolina. It was a very competitive race, but Republicans would rather elect a known asshole than allow a Democrat to win. Yes, I realize I’m editorializing here. Washington Post

On the bright side of things, Delaware is now the 11th state in the union to legalize same sex marriage! 41 more to go! NYTimes

If only we had Buffy to save us:

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