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Open Thread: Psych!

Pajiba had a great post last week about mindless shows to stream while you do other things, and one of the suggestions isĀ Psych.

And I couldn’t agree more! I love having shows that I’m familiar with on in the background. It makes my apartment feel less empty, and Shawn and Gus are the friendliest of companions for some weekend dusting.

What is your cleaning companion?

By [E] Sally Lawton

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I love Psych! I usually throw on an episode of Chappelle’s Show while folding laundry, though since I realized that season one of The Boondocks was on Netflix Instant, I’ve been watching that instead. In general I like HGTV or Top Gear marathons for background noise.

Ha, a friend of mine was just posting commentary on the Met Gala outfits on Facebook. She described a lot of make-up as being way too gladiator/Pat Benetar. This is why I’m happy to just hear others’ thoughts rather than just looking it up myself.

I love Psych. For background, I also like “My Cat From Hell, “Too Cute,” and that show where they show cute animal videos from the internet and crown one as baddest, cutest, whatever. Although I’d probably clean a lot faster without the cuteness on :)

I can’t have Too Cute or My Cat From Hell on because both of them suck me right in. With Too Cute I end up smashed up to the screen trying to snuggle all the little nuggets through the TV, and with My Cat From Hell, I’m always taking notes on how to make my little jerk less of an asshole. I’ve actually tried to have both on as background, and it is an epic fail for me. I could watch Too Cute all day, every day.

Funnily enough, I’ve been watching Psych most of the day as my background noise. I switch between it, Daria, Harry Potter (1-7B), and Gilmore Girls. Occasionally I watch Witchblade as well, but I seem to pay more attention to it than letting it just fade into the background.

Not because I particularly like these shows, but the English channels on South Korean cable showed blocks of NCIS and those became my background tv. Just something to have on in the background while I cooked or cleaned and it covered up the sounds of my next door neighbors hocking a loogie in the bathroom (walls were thin).

I cannot watch shows while I do things. I can just barely manage listening to music and working at the same time. I will either watch tv or do a thing, with the one exception being knitting. I can knit and tv at the same time.

Also, I got my mom and I into a crepe making class for mother’s day at my favorite crepe restaurant. I feel accomplished.

I LOVE background TV. I have a stable of shows I stream while I work, including Firefly, L&O:SVU, all the Treks, The West Wing (of course), and Wonderfalls, which I revisit every couple of years.

Also, wow I wish there was a working plugin that added a rich text editor to the comment box.

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