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Saluting TV Teachers

This is Teacher Appreciation Week, and to celebrate, I am going to celebrate some of the best teachers to ever grace our television screens – at least as far as I’m concerned.

Classroom photo from the 1970s
Everything about this picture is awesome.

No list of great teachers could start without Mr. Feeny of Boy Meets World. A teacher’s teacher, he was tough but fair, and had the best interest of his pupils at heart. This was a man who was so devoted to his students he taught Cory and the gang from the sixth grade all the way through college, for Pete’s sake. I felt like I learned something watching him, and that was from the comfort of my couch during a 22-minute episode.

Then you have Miss Bliss, who didn’t move to California with the rest of the gang when Good Morning, Miss Bliss transformed into Saved by the Bell, but still molded their minds for a season. She never let the kids – primarily Zack Morris – get away with too much, but she never dashed their hopes or crushed their inquisitive spirits either. That’s the perfect teacher right there.

I got to know her through the Magic School Bus books, but Ms. Frizzle also made her way to the small screen through a series of the same name. Her students took the best field trips – from journeys to the center of the Earth to trips inside the human body, you could not say that those kids didn’t experience hands-on learning.

Do you have a favorite teacher from television? Share in the comments. And if you are a teacher reading this, I salute you!

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Oh my gosh! I missed this!
My favorite teachers: Ms. Frizzle for her love of learning and exploring, Mr. Feeny for his strong but caring guidance, and Ms. Grotke from Recess for always being a strong feminist. I always try to incorporate a little of them into my own teaching style.

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