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Strip Search: Paint the Line (Episodes 20, 21, 22)

So Strip Search is an awesome online reality game show that takes place in gorgeous Seattle, Washington. The contestants are artists striving to win a year’s office space at Penny Arcade. This show is even giving me delusions of grandeur–not that the artists competing in the show aren’t amazing–but I think, hey maybe I could do that. In reality, no I can’t.

Since this show is run by Penny Arcade and shown online, the break up of the episodes is a bit different than shows like Project Runway. There is a social challenge, a challenge, and an elimination. But Strip Search provides entertainment, real people who are kind, and talent. What’s not to like?

The Challenge:

The challenge was broken up over two episodes, training and Paint the Line. The artists all go to a table tennis facility in Bellevue, which is just a short 16-minute drive from Seattle in zero traffic.

Here each competitor is given tips on how to play and then plays against the other competitors. The artists are divided into two pools for competition. The winner wins the “social challenge.” Katie wins.

Table tennis facility with multiple tables
Seattle Pacific Table Tennis Club
The elimination brackets
Two pools tournament

Next the artists paired up with a Penny Arcade staff member. If you haven’t read Paint the Line, it is a must! Only then can you appreciate the full humor of this episode. I was laughing so hard at the uniforms of the Penny Arcade staffers. Katie’s prize from her earlier win turned out to be the chance to choose her partner first.

Penny Arcade staffers in matching "Paint the Line" t-shirts
Paint the Line

The tournament came down to Katie and Lexxy. Katie wins and sends Monica because she never been to an elimination and Lexxy because she has never won a challenge.  Um, but didn’t she get kicked out and brought back?  Hasn’t she kicked serious butt and proven she is talented?  I think Katie hopes to eliminate a threat and doesn’t want to say it that way.

The Elimination:

Monica pulled out the idea “rollerskates” from the basket of broken dreams. Lexxy picked “dinosaurs.” Immediately I had an idea. So I drew it.

First four panels of the author's cartoon about dinosaurs on rollerskates

 Last two panels of the author's cartoon about dinosaurs on rollerskates

Lexxy went with roller skates that were real dinosaurs. I loved her strip. Monica went with a personal approach. Lexxy won and returned to the house. Monica lost, but because her strip had personal story they gave the strip back to her instead of destroying it. I was very impressed with that.

Lexxy's strip about Dinorollers
Lexxy’s strip

I also love how Mike and Jerry visit with the eliminated artist after the decision. Each elimination episode, those two climb into the car with the loser and pump him or her up. They express their true feelings about the art and really push the artist to keep trying. I love this! Too often reality TV shows use the elimination to tear down the contestants or emotionally beat them up. Not Strip Search. Way to go Mike and Jerry!

Mike and Jerry giving a final pep talk to Monica
Mike and Jerry giving a final pep talk

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