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Strip Search: Sketch for Tips

If you haven’t hard of it before, Strip Search (punny!) is an online show from Penny Arcade that searches for America’s next top web cartoonist. Let’s see what artists the Internet has for us today!

The challenge (episode 18):

The artists must sketch for conference attendees at a con-set. Each artist will be paid $5 by the judges. If the interaction is good, the judges will provide a tip.

Maki's table where he sketches for tips
Maki sketches for tips

To up the entertainment value, Penny Arcade staff posed as attendees, and one hilariously trolled the contestants as a booth barnacle. I think the producers saw the challenge as a chance to really show what happens at some conventions. The trolls even steal merchandize. I also just realized that one of the most annoying people happens to be the president of Penny Arcade.

The judges knock things over on the artists' tables
Knocking over a figurine and trying to swipe merchandise was all part of the fun

Tavis won. As the winner, he has the power to choose two people to go to the elimination. He chooses Abby and Erica. Now, if you have watched previous episodes, you would know that Mike and Jerry have been chomping at the bit to get Abby to visit them just based on the les-than-stellar cardboard standup that Abby drew in an early challenge. I know during the episode that sent Lexxy home, they wondered why they had to choose between such great artists and wanted Abby to visit. So they get their wish.

Elimination (episode 19):

Before this episode, Abby and Erika had never been to the elimination. I had high hopes for Erika, mainly because her personality kicks butt. She is honest, nice, and out there. Abby acts like she rules the world, and perhaps she does in her world.

The elimination topic drawn from the garbage is “naughty mystery.”

Both artist begin with the traditional method, pen and paper. Erika transitions to electronic media, while Abby continues with a pen. I totally agree with her because pen and paper is cheaper. It takes money to buy the electronic equipment and programs to draw using a computer.

Abby sketches with pen and paper
The traditional method of cartoon sketching

Abby goes with a literal translation of the theme, while Erika goes with a more understated version of naughty. Ummm, this is the gal that reviews sex toys in cartoon! How could she not go down that route? I think that was Erika’s downfall. My high hopes for her crashed on the rocks of disappointment.

At first I didn’t see the humor in Abby’s but when I paused it and really looked at the artwork and story line, laughter ensued. Her art was beautifully illustrated and not at all like her cardboard. Since she hasn’t been to the elimination before, you don’t get a full sense of all that she can do. I also am more interested in her as an artist now. Perhaps facing elimination was good for her.

The judges hold up Erika's drawing
Erika’s cartoon is reduced to a napkin for a barbequed rib feast.

Poor Samantha. She remains the only one who has not darkened the door of the elimination room.

Be sure to visit Penny Arcade and answer their poll in regards to this episode.

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