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Strip Search: Speed and Consistency

The Challenge:

The social challenge this episode was all about speed.

The artists played a game of Jungle Speed, which is a simple game that can be fun. In fact, I learned this game at Easter with the family. After playing a normal round to learn the game, the artists have to play Jungle Speed Extreme Rules Edition. This version looks crazy, and so like my family. We always take normal games and play them ultimate style – ultimate Rubix, ultimate Mow, ultimate rummy. Basically, it’s just the normal game, but a heck of a lot faster because there is no waiting for your turn. Now I can’t wait to play Jungle Speed again.

Strip Search contestants playing Jungle Speed
The social challenge

Abby won this round and earned a redraw ticket. Only Maki knew what it was for.

The competitive challenge was signing signatures. To make it equally difficult for everyone, the artists had to sign President Obama’s signature. They were each given 1,000 note cards and one hour to sign as many signatures as correctly as possible. They got one point for a good signature and lost one point for a bad one. The person with the most good signatures won. This quickly degraded to smack talk: Josh yelled corrective criticism without naming the person who needed to change. So everyone took it personally, which is what he intended.

Abby had a particularly funny signature:

Abby holds up a paper that reads, "Josh, there is a cactus in need of fucking. You should go do that." and has a copy of Obama's signature.
Abby’s response to Josh’s indirect critiques

Abby definitely lets her personality come out when challenged. Even though Abby signed the most cards, only Katie came out with a positive number. Her reward was to choose the two to face elimination. On one level, I truly believed it was a difficult decision for her. Yet, the reality television world has so jaded me that emotion is suspect. I really thought Katie would send Lexxy and Tavis. But she chose Tavis and Abby.


Tavis draws the topic “theater” from the basket while Abby draws “cat.” Man, I had some funny ideas for this. But she chooses to turn in her redraw ticket and draw Tavis’s topic again. They end up drawing cats and cars.

Again, Abby’s attitude comes out and she gets feisty with Mike and Jerry. Tavis holds his own, but you can really tell that Abby’s potty humor appeals to the judges.

Tavis’s strip had a great idea. I just think he needed one more panel, showing that the car was a mouse. He wouldn’t have needed words. Just the clear panel with the car, before the driver was attacked. I can picture the guy singing or whistling, maybe have something about pest control on the side. But by only showing the car with a giant cat on top, you lose sight of the car and why the cat would attack.

Tavis's cartoon of a driver terrified of the enormous cat on the roof of his car.
Tavis’s take on Cats and Cars

Abby’s strip was frickin’ funny. I actually laughed right away. I also realized that once again, Abby surprised me. She drew such a refined pictures for the Sherlock Holmes strip in her last elimination. This strip was well drawn, but in a different way. I am impressed.

First two frames of Abby's cartoon, "The accident post-op." Next two frames of Abby's cartoon, "The accident post-op." Last three frames of Abby's cartoon, "The accident post-op."

Now we are down to four! So who do you think will be the final three?

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Honestly, I think the final three should be the girls: Lexxy, Abby, and Katie have drawn some of the most amazing comics from the show and have done really well with the challenges. I haven’t really been impressed by Machi and was kind of hoping he would be up against Tavis for this round. I did love Abby’s strip though. I’m pretty she’s either the only one or one of two artists who’ve made the judges actually laugh aloud during elimination, which should count for something.

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