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The Return of Jack Bauer

For fans of a show that has been cancelled, there is no better news than to hear it’s coming back. 

If you’re one of the millions who watched 24, you’re in luck; Jack Bauer will be returning to television screens sometime soon (hopefully this year!). Instead of 24 episodes chronicling a day, this new saga (24: Live Another Day) will unfold over the course of twelve episodes, skipping some time along the way.

As soon as I heard the news, I called my mother to let her know about this glorious resurrection. She loved that show, and, in fact, once wouldn’t let my sister into the house (she forgot her key) until a commercial break. You do not stand between my mother and 24, and in those pre-DVR days, she wasn’t going to miss a minute of the action.

As exciting as it is to hear about a television show being revived (like Arrested Development, which is back thanks to Netflix), I’m also sad that Southland, one of my favorite shows (which I recently wrote about) was cancelled. I should be grateful; Southland was originally picked up by NBC, who dropped it because it felt the show was too heavy for its time slot. TNT came and saved the day, bringing the show back for several more seasons. Sadly, the fifth season ““ which had a must-watch finale ““ will be its last. For the time being, it looks like I won’t be finding out what happened to Officer Cooper (who may or may not have died via suicide by cop), but maybe a few years from now, TNT will come to its senses and bring the show back, or maybe even a third network will pick it up.

Do you have a favorite show that was brought back? Are you a 24 fan excited about this new development?

By Catherine

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