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This Open Thread Is About the Baby Song

Hey kittens, do you like not dealing with your problems? Or rather, drowning them in cartoons?

Well then, we are just gonna get along! In the midst of having a mini-meltdown about this whole “being an adult” thing, I’m just discovering the joy and satisfaction that is Adventure Time. Cartoons about nonsense, a dog, and auto-tune? Girl, I’m there.

I’m especially a fan of any cartoon that’s about singing.  Especially again, about babies.

Or Pizza. I mean, whatever makes you happy.

So kittens, that’s my little dish on coping techniques for the day. What are yours?

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Oh gosh my adulthood coping technique lately has been a full re-watch of Avatar: the Last Airbender. Could be worse, I suppose. My partner’s roommate has been rather impolite about our “stupid cartoons,” though, which makes me cranky.

No spoilers because I haven’t read the books, but I really want Joffrey to die in horrible ways.

Fictional character aside, I almost feel bad for wanting what is essentially a child to die sooo much. I usually hide my eyes during the gruesome parts, but that, that I would watch and probably replay,

All caught up on GOT, obvs.

Ugh adult problems. And problems in general.

My best friend is pissed at me and hasn’t talked to me for two days, which is extremely unusual for us. I’m super stressed about it and feeling crazy anxious. Put that on top of the general money worries, etc and I’m not the happiest of campers.

But! I’m looking at an apartment on Thursday morning that I’ve fallen in love with via video walk through. It is still a studio but has a full kitchen (!) and lots of cabinet and closet space and is in a much quieter more residential area of my city. Also an easier commute to work AND is the same price that I am paying now. Send me those vibes, ladies–I WANT THIS APARTMENT SO BAD.
Oh and I found a cute desk/chair combo on Craigslist for $10 that I’m picking up tomorrow AND a free 25 lb bag of cat litter that I’m also picking up tomorrow. I would be so much more ecstatic if my best friend wasn’t mad at me though. Sigh.

I’ve been watching this show for years! It is totally an antidote to the stress-times. Also good for rainy weekends. Other drown-able cartoons include Chowder (the colors/patterns!).

In other things, I am avoiding preparing for a big-ish presentation on Thursday by watching this lovely thunderstorm roll in across the river.

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