This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny: F*&# the Patriarchy

Another week, another batch of misogynistic, patriarchal BS. Let’s go smash some things, shall we? [Trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.]

During a show last Friday, a female fan in the front row reportedly gave an unsolicited blow job to rapper Danny Brown. Internet commentary is predictably divided as to whether he was the victim of sexual assault or was totally cool with it because he didn’t immediately push her away and besides, he has an image to keep up. Victim blaming: not just for the ladies!

Speaking of which, a new study shows that men who are told sexist jokes and then are told a story about acquaintance rape are more likely to blame the victim than men who heard non-sexist jokes or a story about stranger rape.

Domestic abuse victims in Norristown, PA, now run the risk of getting evicted if they call the police too many times, thanks to one of the most horrific laws I’ve ever heard of.

Some MRA dickbag seems to think that “Consent is sexy” campaigns are calling all men rapists and he will no longer stand for the sort of violent rhetoric that all feminists use to threaten men. Or some bullshit like that. Boo-fucking-hoo.

7 Traits of the Male Feminist by someone who has no fucking idea what he’s talking about.

Why feminism is not to blame for gender norms that oppress men. Boom!

Successful women who claim not to need feminism still reap the benefits of feminism’s fights, and it would behoove them not to turn their backs on the movement.

A marketing genius at Bare Escentuals thought it would be a good idea to pay frat boys to hold up signs that amount to street harassment at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC. Seriously?

Screencap of a tweet reading "Team BareMinerals (ok they are DC fraternity boys!) offering free high fives at #werundc cheering station. #gobare" and a picture of three men holding signs that read "You look beautiful all sweaty."

Congressional candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch is the target of a push poll smear campaign in South Carolina; pollsters are asking people if they would support her if, among other things, they knew she’d had an abortion or done jail time. Male politicians aren’t immune to push polling, of course, but even if she had had an abortion, that’s nobody’s damn business and it sucks that merely suggesting that she might have will prejudice people against her.

Pastor John Piper thinks that it’s totally icky for men to be ministered to in person by a woman because her body would be a distraction, but it’s ok to read their Biblical commentary because then you don’t have to think about the writer being a lady. Rachel Pietka (from my alma mater!) explains why his attitude is harmful to women and men.

A UConn student who objected to the school’s new mascot’s resemblance to the rape wolf meme is now receiving rape threats. When she complained about feeling unsafe, campus police very helpfully told her to “wear a hat.”

Sports blogger Anna-Megan Raley is finding herself in the crosshairs after calling an NBA cheerleader “too chunky.” The claim is patently ridiculous, though it’s equally annoying to see the dialogue turn to “She’s not chunky; she’s beautiful!!” as if those are mutually exclusive.

Author Claire Messud laid the smack down on a Publishers Weekly interviewer who asked her about the likeability of her female protagonist, since men are rarely asked if they’d like to be “friends” with their characters.

On misogyny in the technology field – it’s not as much of a meritocracy as some people like to think it is.

Why stand-up comedy can be so scary for women.

Three tumblrs to follow if your blood pressure can handle it:

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Finally, something to hopefully cheer you up a bit. Warren Buffett wrote an op-ed on why America needs women to succeed.

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I can’t wait to forward that feminist man traits to my 6′ 250lb. proud feminist husband so he will be aware that he needs to step it up if he really wants to be able to call himself that.

I wish I could say violent thoughts never cross my mind, but sometimes I really want to punch someone in the throat. How are all these things still issues!?!?!?!?!?

Ugh, UConn. I feel ways about UConn. Granted, I haven’t set foot on the campus in more than 15 years, but the path to the on-campus apartment complex used to be known as “the rape trail.” I know it’s common to all college campuses, but the rape culture there has been alive and well for a really long time.

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