This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny Goes Hulksmash!

I wish I were here to bring you good news, but that’s in short supply this week. What I’ve got instead is abortion bullshit, rape apology/victim-blaming, more things that feminism has ruined, a Nice Guyâ„¢, and the woman who wants to feed him to sharks. Actually, that last story kinda made my day. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

A Salvadoran woman known as Beatriz has been denied a potentially life-saving abortion by her nation’s highest court, despite the fact that she has lupus and other health complications, a young toddler at home, and that her fetus is anencephalic, meaning that it will almost certainly not survive. She has, however, been given permission to have an early C-section, which should take place within the next few days. It’s a ridiculous splitting of hairs and is a more dangerous procedure since it involves surgery, but it’s better than letting the pregnancy continue indefinitely.

American women may increasingly find themselves in similar situations if a proposed nationwide ban on abortions after 20 weeks is passed by Congress. At a hearing this week, a woman testified about her choice to have an abortion after learning at 21 weeks that her child had no brain function and would likely be stillborn or in constant pain if he survived. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) responded with a lecture that she should have taken a wait-and-see approach.

Have a miscarriage or stillbirth in Mississippi? You could wind up in jail for manslaughter if prosecutors think it’s your fault (never mind that medical professionals can rarely determine why many miscarriages and stillbirths occur).

Anti-abortion advocate Barbara Listing thinks that women should buy separate health insurance to cover abortions in the case of rape because rapes are like car accidents or floods.

Virginia Republican Party Treasurer Bob FitzSimmonds is “not a big fan of contraception, frankly,” thinks we’ll soon be giving EC to babies, and blames sex education for the spread of STDs.

Roman Polanski thinks that birth control pills have ruined romance by making women more masculine.

A new “Get Britain Fertile” campaign is supposed to teach women about their declining fertility as they get older. Is it a valuable public service since many women may not be aware of how fertility is affected by age, or does it shame women who wait to get pregnant?

British writer Nick Ross thinks rape is awful, but, you know, some women dress provocatively and are just asking for it.

While people were distracted by the recovery and cleanup efforts after last week’s devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, the state’s congress effectively defunded Planned Parenthood.

In 40% of American households, the primary breadwinner is now a woman instead of a man. Cue the handwringing from Fox News! My favorite bit is when Erik Erickson accused liberals of being “anti-science” because men are supposed to be dominant because nature or some bullshit. Dude, no.

During a Tea Party conference call, an unidentified caller suggested that the best way to get Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) to change her mind on immigration reform was to “shoot her.”

Kansas State Senator Jeff Melcher doesn’t want to lower the state’s sales tax on food because it will encourage people to buy food instead of other items. Because it’s not like people need to buy food! In a similar vein, Fox Business host John Stossel thinks that no one ever died of starvation before we had a “welfare state,” not even during the Great Depression. (OK, not strictly misogyny, but if I have to have my blood pressure raised by this shit so do you. And women are probably more affected by these issues, so.)

After “Katrina” was gang-raped in Kolkata, India, in February 2012, she defied convention by reporting the assault to the police and telling her story to the media. Despite giving the interview with her back to the camera, she was recognized and shunned by many neighbors, had trouble finding a new apartment when landlords figured out who she was, and mostly stays home these days due to threats against her. There’s a tiny silver lining, though – she recently started working at the Survivors for Victims of Social Injustice hotline to help other victims.

Saudi self-help writer Abdullah Mohammad Al Dawood is urging his nearly 100K twitter followers to harass female grocery store clerks because he doesn’t believe they should be working outside the home.

A Tokyo district court ruled that women can’t keep their maiden names after marriage (except in the rare cases in which husbands take the wife’s name as an adopted son).

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones thinks women lose the ability to be good traders if they have children.

Journalists need to stop talking about shoes and clothes when they profile powerful women.

Andy Hinds can’t stop having dirty fantasies about random women on the street even though he’s a Nice Guyâ„¢. Maureen O’Connor can’t stop thinking about causing bodily harm to Andy Hinds.

A new ad campaign by the Chicago Department of Public Health is trying to point out that teen pregnancy isn’t just a girl’s issue by showing teen boys with photoshopped pregnant bellies, but there are a lot of problematic aspects to the ads – they’re transphobic, shaming of teen girls who get pregnant, don’t even mention the word “sex,” and are unlikely to actually have an impact on teen boys.

Louise Mensch thinks that the problem with modern feminism is that we worry too much about intersectionality and making sure all voices are heard and that we really ought to focus more on making money and attaining positions of power. Obviously there are a lot of problems with this view.

Alice Walker’s daughter, Rebecca Walker, says that her mother’s feminism destroyed her childhood and nearly prevented her from having her own child.

Why are we so obsessed with gossiping about women like Amanda Bynes when they’re going through a public breakdown?

Some dude thought it would be a good idea to slap Beyoncé’s ass during a concert in Copenhagen. He was wrong.

Katy Perry tweeted that she had “serious doubt for the world” after hearing a song called “I Hate Being Sober.” Chief Keef, the 17-year-old rapper who released the song, replied that she could “Suck Skin Off Of [his] Dick” and that he would “Smack The Shit out her.” And she was the one who apologized.

The Haves and the Have Nots, Tyler Perry’s new series on OWN, has a seriously messed up view of Black women (and gay Black men).

What the hell is the deal with these feminism stock photos?

Finally, a little good news. Facebook has promised to do a better job of blocking gender-based hate speech (though some people wonder if they should be taking down hate speech at all).

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“Have a miscarriage or stillbirth in Mississippi? You could wind up in jail for manslaughter if prosecutors think it’s your fault (never mind that medical professionals can rarely determine why many miscarriages and stillbirths occur).”

Pfft. When have conservatives ever listened to fact-based evidence! Silly ladybrain!

You’d have to be living under a rock not to realise that your fertility declines as you age. How stupid do people think women are? If the government is interested in women having kids younger then why not make it easier for them to do so if that’s what they want, through such exotic and newfangled notions like free childcare, better parental leave, etc. etc.

You all need to read Sarah Ditum’s response to Nick Ross, “Three reasons why vaginas are not like laptops”. It’s brilliant:

When you carefully tuck your high-value portable property under the passenger seat… it’s because you don’t want potential thieves to know it’s there. But draping your vagina in a floor-length modesty frock is unlikely to persuade anyone that don’t have one, and therefore might not be worth violating. This is not a quantum mechanics problem. Schrödinger’s fanny is not a thing.

Actually, I remember reading an article on Slate about a study showing that a lot of young women underestimate how fertile they are in their youth and then overestimate it when they’re older. Thus playing Russian roulette with BC when they’re young and then waiting til past 35 when they’re reading to have kids.

I was always of the mindset that if I suddenly want kids when I’m older, I’ll adopt.

The Facebook news is interesting to hear. I can’t say that I’m particularly desperate to post pictures of myself nursing or expressing but it saddens me to think that if I did, those pictures could be taken down as being offensive. Makes me very glad to have a space like P-mag, where those kinds of images wouldn’t – I imagine – be deemed offensive.

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