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This Weekend Open Thread is At Work

Anyone else do the Friday-Sunday shifts? 

I have a new job that I really like. But it’s retail, so that means for the foreseeable future, my answer to the “what are you doing this weekend?” question will always be the same. I’m working. Open to close on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I don’t mind, though. It fits nicely into my already-established role as old lady party pooper and introverted wet blanket.

What are all you you up to?

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I work from home (and online), and the nature of it is that I must always work on Sundays, and often just on weekends on general. I’m taking a break from it right now. It’s a bummer, but it just becomes part of the routine. I put some good music on, and facebook, and it’s okay.

I am officially unemployed, because graduation and moving, so my weekend will be exactly the same as my days: struggly. Today, I read the New Yorker and explored a new pub (at the University of Chicago, you have to be a member, oooooh) (also, the tense is wrong: I am exploring it at this very moment! But Partner is studying for a test & I am reading) and repaired partner’s computer. Tomorrow will be similar, minus the hour plus trip to Hyde Park.

Any tips for me to fill my time? I have a few months to go…

I finally saw Iron Man 3 last night. So good. I’m sad because this week is Orlando Fringe and the besties are working this weekend and I’m leaving Wednesday for a family trip to Nashville so it’s a no-go. On the plus side, one of them is hosting a benefit tonight for a local shelter helping LGBT youth and I’m going for a bit.

I usually work weekends but at the last minute, I was told I wasn’t needed this weekend and had off the whole weekend. Today is my first day off since March 23rd and

On the agenda for the weekend: grocery shopping, thrift store shopping, bill paying, working out, watching the Doctor Who season finale, catching up on Supernatural, clipping the cats’ nails, cleaning the apt, sleeping(!), and whatever else I feel like doing.

I stopped watching (not purposefully, just kind of happened) mid season so I have about 10 episodes to mainline this weekend. Will I cry during the finale? I usually have to gasp for air and make inhuman noises as soon as Carry On My Wayward Son starts to I’m guessing I’ll need some tissues?

I am working one day this weekend, which is kind of becoming the usual. But at least I generally get to pick which day, so if I actually have plans in advance I can work around those. One thing I actually don’t mind about opening on weekends is that there is almost always no traffic. So I get to drive fast and leave 10 minutes later than a would on a weekday. It’s the little things…

I hate to be all Debby Downer, but I kind of don’t like that Benedict Cumberbatch got cast for the roll he got cast in. Not that he does a bad job or anything, but uh, reasons. Spoilery reasons. Should not have been him to play that part. Other than that though the move is really kicking!

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