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This Weekend Open Thread is Doing All the Things

Can I just crawl under the desk and avoid responsibility?

I’ll be a little scarce around these parts. I’m starting a new job, moving, and finishing up two semester papers. So tawk amongst yaselves, my unicorns, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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Had to go to my little brother’s graduation this weekend, so that took up all my time. I did do some shopping for the new puppy though, since there aren’t a lot of stores within a short distance of my home. A crate, leash, harness, collar, food bowls, and of course a couple toys. I still need to get food, but I don’t really know what kind, so I’m looking around for something that is healthy and I can either (a) buy at the local grocery store, or (b) order online for a reasonable price.

About 6 weeks ago, I lost a dog walking client (not anything that I did; they gave the dogs away) and since they had been booking me 6 days a week, that meant I had lost about 1/3 of my monthly income. Cue lots of stress/money!panic/quarter life crisis. I had to start budgeting/using lots of coupons/booking new clients and so far things have been ok but man, money sucks so many balls.

On a related note, does anyone have any yummy egg based dishes? They were on sale for $.99 and I now have 2 dozen eggs sitting in my fridge. I’ve already been eating scrambled eggs for breakfast for the past week so I’m already at peak egg. Give me your egg knowledge!

I like to put smoked/cured meat in my eggs…smoked salmon (NOT lox), bologna, salami…it’s especially tasty to sautee the bologna and salami first to make them a bit crispy. You can toss in some onions. Leafy greens like spinach should work too. Toss some cheese on top. Also, French toast uses eggs!

Croque-madame (basically croque-monsieur with an egg on top) is always a good choice. Also you might want to try toad-in-a-hole, which is pretty much toast with a fried egg-filled hole. However, I have to say that deviled eggs are my personal favorite. :)

Beat the eggs in a bowl, add spices of your choice (I like salt, pepper, ground mustard, and whatever else I’m feeling). In a muffin pan, put chopped veggies and meat (if you want) in each little section. Pour the eggs over top and bake at 425 until firm. Voila! Egg muffins! You can put two each in little baggies and eat them on the run in the morning. Just pull them out of the fridge, 15 second reheat in the microwave, and out the door. It’s a great do-ahead.

(You may want to quickly saute the veggies first. Just soften them up a little.)

I get to deal with my housing situation this week — my eviction court date is Wednesday, and I hope I can get in to the non-profit that is going to be nice and help me (cause I’m a veteran and all) before then. So I can have that thing taken care of OR have something ready to give the management company before the end of the day on Wednesday, and whoever is making decisions will say “oh good, you don’t have to be homeless now”, and I can have a nice weekend before I go back to that off-and-on temp job next week.

But today, my to-do list includes:
Make brownies because brownies.
Take out trash.
Knit all the things.
Watch netflix movies.
Wear pants until I decide I don’t want to wear pants anymore.

I went to my first BBQ of the season last night, an impromptu thing at a friend’s. It was lovely if chilly and overcast, but we built a fire and were out of there by 9 to go home and bundle up.

This week is going to be awesome. The weather is finally beautiful, I’ve got a nice easy workweek planned, and my sister is coming to visit for a few nights! Cannot. Wait.

Urgh, how annoying. Here and in Ireland you can go into your bank with photo ID and your bank details to withdraw cash without your card – worth a shot if you haven’t already?
Otherwise hope you have people around to borrow from :)

I just got a position teaching environmental science at the local community college!! It’s my first teaching gig and I’m so excited! I got like six books out from the library yesterday – a few intro enviro books that I’m thinking of using as supplemental reading and the rest on student engagement and how to be a good teacher-type books. Granted, the class isn’t starting until September, but… excited! And an over-achiever. Naturally.

We’re going to Las Vegas for a few days (meeting my parents, not that exciting). I’m starting to get a bit panicky thinking of all the stuff that needs to get done: packing, item acquisition, house cleaning for dog sitter, PLUS I’m working all day M/T/W and I want to get my exercise in AND we’re going to the symphony Sunday afternoon and dinner afterwards so no housework time on Sunday AND I have band Tuesday night so…
I made a to-do list and feel much better :)

Yes! It’s happening to EVERYTHING! Star Trek, the recent Oz movie… I mean, so much fantasy sci-fi was pretty good at gender equality and strong lady roles (maybe part of why it’s considered “fantasy”…). Turning it into movie form is turning it all to shit.

I have no idea what we’re doing this weekend. We went to the Bronx Zoo today, which was fun until Lexie got tired and then cranky as all hell. But, she conked out almost immediately when we got back to the car and didn’t wake up until we were almost home, so that was nice. And now I’m freaking exhausted from walking around all day, so I think I may just take a shower and go to bed absurdly early.

Sounds like you’re having a super busy weekend, so maybe hiding isn’t the best. That being said, you’re more than welcome to join me in my fort. I have wine and cookies. And renal notes, but you don’t have to look at those.

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