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This Weekend Open Thread is Laying by the Pool

What are you up to?

Ah, it’s Memorial Day weekend here in the ol’ U.S. of A. For me, that means my annual trip to Vegas for the Punk Rock Bowling festival. And since that’s only in the afternoon and evening, it also means I get to spend a lot of hours by the pool at the Golden Nugget.

American Persephoneers, what are you doing this long weekend?

By [E] Liza

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Guess what I did today? (Besides unlurking for the first time in awhile) I BOUGHT MY FIRST NEW CAR! I’m so exhausted and excited and I don’t even know. I have power windows and locks for the first time EVER. It’s so shiny. I’m going to go pass out now! But I just had to share! Things have been such a shitshow for awhile and I don’t think they’re going to improve, to be honest, so this expensive little distraction is just what I needed right now. Did I mention it’s shiny?

I know right? I had my old car for 14 years. It’s been a dream that has been a very long time coming. And I have three windshield wipers! THREE! My mom is super jealous of that. My dad is under the impression that you don’t need a wiper on the passenger side so he doesn’t replace them. I didn’t realize that when I let him replace mine a year or so ago and ever since I’ve only had one functioning wiper. It’s an embarrassment of riches, no lie.

Well, I killed two of my bed pillows ded with the washing machine. They were not salvageable. They were, however, the extra-firm and almost-as-firm pillows, which is disappointing. I have more (I like to cocoon), so I can deal until I have money for a Target trip, but meh.

BUT, I un-stained my tea mug with baking soda! It looks new!!! AND I got to pet two of three puppies that passed my apartment door this morning (the third is a very skittish boxer who is afraid of strangers, and ducked his head as he ran past me, and I told him it was okay and we could be friends next time; his sister, a white bulldog, approached me for pets).

I just ordered a swimsuit. It’s the first suit I’ve bought in several years and I really hope it works out. And by works out, I mean covers my ass.

As for this weekend, I hope to accomplish a lot of house stuff. Yard work. Pick out some paint. Do a little furniture shopping (because we still don’t own a couch). That sort of thing. It should be fun.

Also, the suggested search thingies are REALLY ridonkulous. Sometimes they’re funny, but usually more along the line of “who the heck wrote the code that picks out search terms?” Like, an 11 year old feral child that has no understanding of language.

This weekend I’m going contradancing at Folklife, and going to an awesome dinner theater for my anniversary. On an unrelated note, Bettie Page Clothing has opened a brick and mortar store in Seattle, so all my future dressy-dress needs are taken care of!

Saturday will be spent cleaning the apartment. Sunday my boyfriend and I will check out the local Unitarian church. Monday he and I will travel to my grandparents for a big Memorial Day meal and so he can finally meet my family.

There is a substantial part of me that wants to go shopping tomorrow because Sales. But then I remember that I neither need to buy anything nor do I really have the funds necessary, regardless of Sales.

Otherwise, there is rain. Which generally translates to tea and books for me. But hopefully it will stop by Monday for my friend’s cookout.

Our plans for tomorrow (an artisan fair and ice cream!) look like they’re going to get rained out, so we’re hanging out with the kiddo’s bff. Either bowling, Chuck-E-Cheese, or going to see Epic. Sunday we’re going to a craft fair, weather permitting, and maybe stopping by the fancy yarn store/farm (they have lambs!). Then on Monday and Tuesday we’re going to Great Wolf Lodge with some friends, and I get to meet queSarahSarah!!

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