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This Weekend Open Thread is Sweaty

Ugh, summer.

I got back from the desert only to find it’s just as hot here, plus a billion times as humid. Yay, East Coast! I don’t have any A/C in my apartment at the moment, so I’m sitting draped over my tiny fan with ice water and no pants. So tell me, darlings, what are your stay-cool tips? I mean, aside from “buy an air conditioner.” I’m working on that.

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In South Korea, central air isn’t the norm everywhere, even in schools. The administration would put ridiculous restrictions on when AC and heat could be used. Even then, only the classrooms and teacher’s rooms were cooled or heated. So you either melted or froze whenever you stepped out of the class.

Also, my apartment was boiling in summer even with an AC unit. The only way I could stand it was to have my AC going, plus to fans pointed toward my bed and I lived in the vortex of that to keep even somewhat cool.

I know there has been some work under the hood fine tuning the magic that is PMag, but now it’s loading for me incredibly slowly. Is this happening for anyone else?

Also, when I used to open the page on my phone it was perfectly aligned so I could just read it, but now it’s a very small version of the regular webpage. Is it me? Should I do something?

During hot seasons in Chad, we would soak towels, wring them mostly out, and then sleep under those with a fan going. That was the only way to be cool enough at night to get a sound sleep. I have only needed to do that a couple of times here in Washington because Seattle rarely gets over 85 in the summer–except for random record temps that only last a day or so. Other than that, I try to stay inside or go to air conditioned coffee shops. ;)

It’s disgusting out, but I’m not going to complain because this disgusting weather held off for two months when it should have been here already. So yay!

Also, I found a maxi dress at Target that is long enough for me this week. Another yay! I think I’m going to go back and buy a couple more because they’re perfect for this hot weather.

I love love LOVE maxi dresses! As a tall girl (5’10”), it’s usually hard for me to find any dresses that fit me well, but maxi dresses, with their typically empire waists and uber long length, are perfect! And they are just so comfy too. :)

Oh hi fellow tall girl! I’m 5’11”, so I hear you on dresses not fitting well. :(

As for maxi dresses, I’m excited that I rediscovered them. I had a bad experience a few years ago and decided to shun them from my wardrobe, but that’s going to be changed soon. :)

i once worked at a school that was not airconditioned. our deodorant was gone by 7:15, and we had to go home and shower after school before we could do anything else. we offended ourselves and others. after a hot shower if you lay a cold wet towel spread out from head to toe and a cold washcloth behind your neck and around your wrists, you might get to sleep. that was my problem–couldn’t sleep!!!

Yeah, it’s been an interesting weather week to say the least. I’ve mostly dealt with torrential rain storms and strong straight winds, which hasn’t been terrible. I’m still waiting to hear back from my family and friends who were in direct line of the storm. I know a few people are missing from flash floods back home, but I don’t think it’s anyone I know. Still scary and I hope they’re okay.

A friend of mine is an Episcopal priest (so’s her husband!) in the Oklahoma City area. They’ve had a rough couple of weeks, to say the least. And apparently, after last night’s storms, their cats refused to come out of their carriers once they got home after hiding out in his church’s basement.

I also follow a woman’s blog, and she’s driving from California to a new job ( — if you start reading, start from the beginning, because she’s made an amazing journey), and hopefully just hasn’t made it to anywhere with internet since Thursday. It’s strange how invested you can be in a stranger’s life, but I really hope this works out for her.

Lol, I’m surrounded by so many pro-lifers that I mostly just roll my eyes at them. Half of my street has “Thou shall not kill”- God and Planned Parenthood = More Abortion signs stuck in their front yards. I really want some sort of awesome pro-choice sign for my yard, but I just moved in a couple of months ago and I don’t want my house vandalized yet. Maybe next year. :) Needless the say, reading #exposepp was refreshingly funny…mostly. ;)

The first few years I worked at the bookstore we didn’t have A/C, just fans that were virtually useless. We’d all wear the absolute minimum of clothing. On the worst days, we’d use petty cash to buy bags of ice, portion it out in small plastic bags, and then balance them on our heads or hold them on the backs of our necks. There were a few times we put tally sheets at each register and would very obviously make a mark every time a customer said, “Hot enough for you?” An astonishing percentage of people did so.

Also, holding your shirt out right in front of the A?C or fan to cool down your underboobs. And I used to put my bedsheet on the A/C floor vents to cool it down right before bed.

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