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Thursday Dance Party Open Thread for 5/23/13

Oy, it’s been a week, hasn’t it folks?

Here’s something that I heard today and it instantly transported me back to 1997.

Tell me about your day in the comments!

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I hate it when your job focuses on extracurricular activities. At my last job, in order to get my full raise, I had to do a bunch of bullshit. Committee work. Teach classes. Volunteer outside of the hospital, etc. I did all of these things, because I liked to do them, but still. My raise should be about my JOB, not about the extra shit I choose to do.

And if it isn’t your job making you feel this way, if it’s friends and/or acquaintances, than I say fuck ’em. Your job IS enough. And while I like to take on the occasional project, I also like to relax and there’s nothing wrong with that. :)

Is anyone here watching Hannibal? I’m becoming obsessed. I didn’t read any of the books, and I’ve only seen Silence of the Lambs (or Sleeping with the Sheep, as my friends and I called in in HS, since the movie came out the same weekend as mostly forgotten Sleeping with the Enemy.) So I’m somewhat new to the entire Hannibal Lector mythology.

Oh! Me! I haven’t seen tonight’s episode (I have to watch them the next day on Hulu). But I’ve really been enjoying this take on the novels. I read them a long time ago, but they’ve kind of stuck with. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with this take on the mythology and can’t wait to see what they do with it. :)

I finally fixed my account and can comment! Turns out I’m not as smart as I think I am and sometimes, I just need to reset the damned password.

So, I started paralegal certification classes this month, I’m moving out of the six-bedroom house I’ve lived in for five and a half years (and I shared that with my fiancee and two roommates for four of those, now it’s just the two of us), and I’m planning the world’s tiniest wedding–for September. Know that feeling where you’re just so desperately overwhelmed that you refuse to acknowledge it for fear of breaking down? Yeah…

Passwords can be such pesky things. Welcome back. :)

And I feel you, about being overwhelmed. I’m also engaged and we recently just moved to a new city (only an hour away, but still) from our apt of 4.5 years. We lived with the in-laws for a couple of months, bought a house, moved again, and thank god I love my house because I never want to move again.

Point is, is you want to vent, we’re here to listen. And then there’s the popsicles. Rumor has it, they are excellent for this sort of thing. ;) Good luck!

Ugh, the weird kinda random funks are the WORST! The humidity has to be the culprit, nobody was prepared for this level of grossness this early in the year. You should probably have a popsicle and read an awesome novel to take your mind off it.

So I got my first entirely incomprehensible and creepy okcupid message last night!

I replied to this (and his subsequent reply) with “No. Go away.” After my second reply I blocked him.

“Girl you look like you should be on a card for magic the gathering. You’re kinda beastly and I want you destroy my penis.”

…I don’t understand your words, dude. Are these compliments? Are you doing that “negging” thing? WTF and WHY.

Yeah, me too.

I have that predator detector doohickey installed, which is GREAT, but it slows the browser down a lot. So I don’t spend a lot of time just looking on okcupid. I’d be thrilled to have a decent first message from a smart, interesting dude who also doesn’t want kids (and, late 20s — lots of the guys in this age range are either already dads and want more, want to have kids soon, or have limited educational/professional goals). I want to get my masters’ at least, so dude who still lives with his parents, works part-time hours in a retail/food gig and *doesn’t want to do anything else with life* (that’s the biggest part) isn’t for me. And, well, I could reasonably date someone with partial custody of a kid, so long as I don’t become mommy — I definitely don’t want to have any of my own.

ALSO, I have food, I’m not homeless (or in immediate danger of homelessness), and I have soap/shampoo/toothpaste/toilet paper.

And a potential job (full-time, with the same place I’ve been temping).

I just need little things in my life to cooperate, like having money to pay my phone bill and shoes that I can wear to work that have arch support and aren’t falling apart (my sneakers’ soles are peeling off, and they’re a fancy brand — that means they’re old).

I’m with you on the shoe problem. My sneakers that have lasted me a few years now are basically falling apart and my only other pair of shoes (black flats that I love) split open at the back. I know I have to go shoe shopping and could probably even afford two pairs–yay budgeting!–but I just LOATHE shoe shopping. I have The Curse of Wide Feet.

A few months back I had a guy message me with, “I want to make you cum tonight. Call me!” and ended the message with his phone number. I regretfully (air quotes on that ‘regretfully’) declined and asked if that approach at worked for him in the past. He told me (repeatedly) that it did and he ‘knew how to please a woman and would love to show [me]’.

Some men are fucking weird.

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