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Thursday Dance Party Open Thread for 5/9/13

I love love love Bloc Party.

Here’s one of my favorites.

Tell us about your week in the comments.

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So…for maybe the last week I’ve been getting really tiny itchy pink bumps in random places. I’ve gotten a couple on my right shin, a few on both thighs and a few on both forearms. They itch really bad, I scratch them, then they turn into really little small scabs. A dermatologist would be the best person to go to for this, right? I’m going to try to schedule an appointment tomorrow because I’m afraid it’s contagious and/or is going to increase in frequency. What would be the best way to go about making sure the Dr. can properly diagnose this? I can’t guarantee that at X time on X day I’m going to have one of these bumps for him/her to see. I should have a plethora of scabs for sure but I don’t think those will do the Dr. much good. Any ideas?

Have you changed any personal hygiene items lately? Shampoo/conditioner, body wash, laundry detergent, soap of any kind? Have you been in an environment that you haven’t been in before? Around animals you may have developed an allergy to? Any chance of dust mites/bed beds/any other creepy crawly bites?

I’ve had random skin issues pop up once a year like clockwork for the past three years. I haven’t gone to a dermatologist, just my general practitioner, and every time they were like “well…we have no idea, get a blood test, and here’s prednisone”. You will probably have better luck with a dermatologist but be prepared for no diagnosis, just an anti inflammatory. :-/

I hope you feel better soon–oatmeal creams/baths are your friend!

The only relevant change I’ve had in the recent past is I rolled around with a new boy which brings me to my fear that this is something contagious. It’s really not that uncomfortable or annoying, I just don’t want to end up covered in these bumps and I don’t want to give it to someone else.

That’s weird that you’ve had that same random skin issues for 3 years in a row. My mom had a weird rash one summer when I was a kid. It just would NOT go away. She saw a Dr and a derm and neither could figure it out. She ended up spending the summer washing all her clothes and sheets in baby clothes detergent. Literally, that was the only thing she changed and her rash went away. After the rash was gone she switched back to the same laundry detergent she’d been using before and her rash didn’t come back. Skin is weird shit, yo.

Agreed that skin is weird shit.

My ‘thing’ happens between mid August and early October, always starts with tiny red bumps under my skin on my thighs and spreads to the rest of the body (but not my face! there may be a higher power!) over the course of a few days. It will itch furiously sometimes and hurt/burn a bit if I itch too much. No over the counter meds make it go away and anti itch creams only help for a short period of time. Prednisone is the only thing that has knocked it out so far. Which is somewhat unfortunate because it is some high octane stuff and makes me feel crazy for the week I’m on it. Blood tests have all been normal but it could be some sort of autoimmune short circuit-y response. I’m crossing my fingers I don’t get it this year again because I lose my health insurance in November :-/

Good luck with the doc! Luckily 99% of the time, things are totally curable with a quick round of meds and don’t ever show up again.

Oh! And if you get another occurrence before you get in to the doctor, take a picture of it. That way, if it disappears or scabs over, you will at least have a pic to show to the doctor.

This has been a super stressful week for me. If I don’t screw it up tomorrow (or if I screw up really badly), it will be my last medical school final. So I could use whatever good vibes or prayers you all can send my way for the morning. Cause I’m freaking out.

Elementary tonight, you guys. I am so, so thrilled with how Elementary has chosen to portray Irene Adler, even though she’s only been on for a hot second. It’s a thousand times better than the BBC Sherlock, even though it’s different, but it really seems like Elementary’s show runners really have paid attention to what BBC Sherlock has/hasn’t done and have run with it.

ditto the Bloc Party love. so much.

This week has been pretty great. Nothing particularly awesome, but more importantly nothing particularly annoying or shitty. It’s just a huge shift in stress and doing-stuff-ness from the last many many months. So… yay!

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