Tuesday Is Good News Day: May 14, 2013

Does it seem like all the news is bad? Well, guess what? It’s not! Here are some good things that happened in the last week, y’all.

Cheaper Cancer Vaccines!

Two pharmaceutical companies who make HPV vaccines, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, are slashing their prices dramatically for some of the world’s poorest countries, which may help save a lot of lives. The New York Times notes that:

the disease kills an estimated 275,000 women a year in poor countries where Pap tests are impractical and the vaccine is far too expensive for the average woman to afford, so the price cut could lead to a significant advance in women’s health.

The vaccine costs around $130 in the United States, but a few million doses in Ghana, Kenya, Laos, Madagascar, and a few other places will be under $5 per dose, or what Merck says is the cost of production. The head of the GAVI Alliance who helped negotiate the lower price says they hope that 30 million girls in the world’s poorest countries will get the vaccine at that price or lower by 2020.

Warren Buffet Invests 1.9 Billion in Wind Power!

Terry Branstad is the governor of Iowa who annoyed fellow Republicans last year when he pushed for extending a federal tax credit for wind power, which is the sort of thing Democrats do. Warren Buffet’s MidAmerican Energy Company cites the tax credit as a reason why they’re investing a ton more money into Iowa wind power, which will create green jobs in the short term and clean energy for the long haul.

New Forest Planted!

In other green news, a group called Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods planted 200,000 native koa trees along the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island. They are planning on planting 1.3 million total.

Jobless Claims In The U.S. are at a 5-Year Low

Because fewer people are getting fired. I’m no economics expert, but I’m pretty sure this is a good thing.

Big Cats Rescued!

In Atchison, KS, the Sheriff’s office led a rescue of a dozen wild animals, including several big cats, who some jerk had kept in tiny cages without access to food or water on their private property. All of the animals were put in better homes. Three bobcats, two lynx, and a serval cat went to Big Cat Rescue in Florida, which is a pretty great place for kittehs. Check it out!

By Bryn Donovan

Romance writer, poet, quilter, and dog cuddler.

5 replies on “Tuesday Is Good News Day: May 14, 2013”

The cancer vaccine news is great, but I wish it didn’t just make me think about how horribly overinflated drug prices are here in the U.S.

I get that the companies need to make a profit in order to develop and produce medications, and I’m not Pollyanna enough to think they’re just going to give medicine away, but $5 to $130 is a hell of a markup.

And I love this column. Good things are actually happening around us. It’s just too bad we have to look so hard to find them!

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