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Chihayafuru is back with the final game, yeah! Shingeki no Kyojin has some scenes that usually only show up in horror movies. Space Ship Yamato and Gargantia are still very well-made shows, and Majestic Prince got a nice sequence this episode with some funny moments.

Chihayafuru, S2 Ep 17

Back to the final team game. Jeez, the best school has 50 karuta players. It’s not a surprise that they can bring only A players for the finals. Although, despite all those players, the Queen was super bored, so bored that she fell asleep actually and sneezed on a guy’s T-shirt (she has no manners). She also remembered Chihaya, but only when she succeeded in taking a first syllable card from her opponent. Although, since Chihaya injured herself, I’m wondering if she’s going to be able to do the individual tournament now.

The certified reader (they brought a real one for this episode) is really something else though. And everyone is going “pretty colors,” because she gives too much away with her reading. The Queens say she can beat the Meijin (Suo) anytime unless she’s reading. Rion, Chihaya’s opponent, is the same. She plays better when her grandmother is reading. It’s like cheating in a way.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince, Ep 05

The episode starts with Team Rabbit having a mech-sparing match against Team Doberman. Let’s say that they are really incompetent. Izuru and Asagi actually collided. Although, it all started when Izuru wanted to do his “secret move.” He can be a total idiot.

We got a new dude, but I have no idea who he is, only that he sounds cryptic. The Fail Five are all sad once more, because everyone thinks they are losers. They just suck at teamwork, really, and I’m starting to think that Team Doberman are sort of losers, too. Looks like they have fancy team nicknames, too. Ahahahah.

Oh dear, Izuru asked the leader of Team Doberman how to be a hero. His answer: you have to be the best looking and get all the girls. Although, he did have a good advice: stop trying to do everything yourself and trust your teammates.

You know, when someone gives you a disk and tells you to study with only the guys in the team, you should be suspicious. Although, the reactions were interesting. Suruga, who is flirting all the time, was “scared” and it was a bit too much for him. Tamaki, who wants a boyfriend, thought it was wrestling. Kei slapped Izuru and left, then came back to take Tamaki. Asagi and Izuru watched the whole thing. If you didn’t understand, the Leader of Team Doberman, Danny, gave a disk with porn on it to Izuru. On the “next” day, Kei looked super pissed at Danny too.

The inside of the Walguru’s base is really strange. It’s like blood veins, but purple and T-cells are black and orange. And whatever energy supplies they are using, when it blows up it create a nebula. Crazy.

Shingeki no Kyojin, Ep 05

Eren, you just found one piece of the puzzle: some Titans can think! Although, that’s a big mass of flesh and muscles that just disappeared out of thin air.

Poor Armin, but if you can’t deal with the pressure, you might want to change your job. He’s having a psychological breakdown, before starting to fight. What kind of name is Pixis? That’s the army boss. He’s an old dude, with a weird name.

That was harsh Eren, headbutting and telling Mikasa to stop being selfish in her priorities. Although, she probably needed it. Also, Eren doesn’t seems like the type of person who likes having a babysitter.

They really ended the episode there. It’s like an evil thing to do. Also, that was hard to watch, all those poor people being “food,” and that is despite the censoring.

Suisei no Gargantia, Ep 04

Ledo has to pay for the damage he caused to the hangar hauling Chamber around, and he can’t use electricity (but water is free). His quarters are also crap, but he doesn’t care. Amy was angry about it, but Ridget is all, “That’s how it works here.”

Ledo doesn’t know what “little brother” means. So sad. Dang, the Galactic Alliance sees family as inefficient and they kill anyone who has a weakness, because they can’t fight. Ouch. Although, with limited resources it sort of makes sense (or maybe not, because the Gargantia also have limited resources and they don’t do that).

Ledo got to meet Amy’s little brother. He wanted to asked questions, but he ended up being the one interrogated. He does end-up asking his question though and now is all confused. He got no course of action.

Space Ship Yamato, Ep 04

The Galimas higher up is an idiot. You can tell that they won’t be that much of a problem. Especially, when this episode has the ship do a detour to mine some material because their reactor melted.

“Are you related to any aliens?” Kodai you really don’t know how to act in front of a lady. Although, I’m pretty sure that Mori is related to Sasha and the other Iscandar lady.

The fighting in this show is so weird, it’s like watching a TV show from the ’70s or ’80s. A lot less lasers and balls of light than recent animes; well, there are still lasers, just old school ones. I like it.

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