Weekly Anime Review

The Chihayafuru team final match isn’t over yet, there are still eight cards in play, and Nishida, Taichi and Chihaya are not done yet. Hopefully it ends next week. They still have to do the individual tournament, and I just hate where it ended. Majestic Prince and Shingeki no Kyojin were mostly flashback episodes. Gargantia had a rather ridiculous episode full of fanservice, and Yamato had battles with lasers.

Chihayafuru S2 ep 18

The poem for this episode is “Why I Cannot Forget,” or something like that. Most of it had Chihaya and Taichi thinking of Arata.

Something  is a bit strange because Chihaya knows that Shinobu is in the room, but we never see her reaction to realizing it. Chihaya is badly hurt too, but I think she will win. We don’t know much about Nishida, but Taichi is trying to make a comeback.

Shinobu was isolated from others at a young age so she could become a cold heartless player? She’s the opposite of Chihaya then, because Chihaya becomes stronger by making new friends (and learning from them).

Desktomu and Tsukaba both lose their match, although this was expected. One is a C player and the other isn’t even ranked. Taichi is down five cards and there are only two left on his opponent’s side. This didn’t stop him from saying, “Three wins.”

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 06

Graduation day! That was fast, but now Team Rabbit are real soldiers, not just students. The episode shows mostly flashbacks of the time spent at school. The flashbacks are a bit funny. Asagi really had the big brother thing going at first and the team was already super sucky at team work (their score was E-).

Commander Simon is sooo suspicious. Oh well, the other MJP leaders aren’t the brightest bunch so I don’t expect them to realize this anytime soon.

Amane is a nice character. She is totally level-headed and understands the results of her actions. I like her and I hope she transfers in the Godinion under captain Rin-Rin.

Dude, there is a demonstration of the mech to the entire school, and Kei has to give orders from a stage and not from her Mecha. Also, Asagi still has stomach burns. Also, everyone is more interested in Rin’s skirt being blown up than the kids. Ouch. Also, a graduation with nobody in it. So sad. At least the other kids at the school gave them a last salute.

Oh and the Walguru’s theme song is freaking awesome.

Shingeki no Kyojin ep 06

Armin got a terrible breakdown. Although, it doesn’t beat Hannah’s, who is trying to bring Franz back to life, despite the fact that he’s missing half his body. Mikasa shows all her awesomeness here and also her sad past.

Hmm, I don’t remember Mikasa destroying the knife handle like that in the manga? Crazy strength. Anyhow, that was still sad to watch. Having your family murdered by slavers isn’t the best memory to have.

Suisei no Gargantia ep 05

Was this a fanservice episode? Because all it had was people in swimsuits, Ledo having his suit forcefully removed, and Chamber-becue!

I don’t think I have anything else to say about it.

Space Ship Yamato ep 05

Ok, the art of sending “bombs” from Pluto to Earth is rather extravagant. They have to hit a flying asteroid that will go and hit Earth after being boosted.

The medic of the Yamato is always drunk. I wonder how efficient he is in reality. Kodai doesn’t look that surprised to have been saved by someone from the accountant team either. She ends up transferred to the squadron by Kodai. Her name is Akira, but you can read it as Rei too (Kanji can be confusing).

I loved seeing the space-fighter action! Although, that dude who wanted to destroy Pluto probably needed to be spaced. When you start that way, you won’t end, and each problem will be resolved by blowing up a planet.

Jeez, third “planet” landing since the start and the ship has already gone down. I was totally unprepared for that.

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