Weekly Anime Review

Chihaya had a really tense episode this week. Shingeki no Kyojin and Yamato 2199 were mostly action. Seisui no Gargantia is starting to become stale and nothing changes, well, until the last scene of the episode. Majestic Prince presented “bad guys,” so it was mostly exposition.

Chihayafuru S2 ep 19

Taichi is getting lucky! His opponent, who never does faults, committed a double-fault. His five card gap disappeared just like that. Chihaya won her match, wouhou! She fell right asleep afterward, though, so never announced it.

It was the luck of draw again for Nishida and Taichi, but they have been calling the cards they moved for a while, using Hukuo’s strategy in the Kyoto final for their own profit. Using this strategy, they win! Chihaya’s team is the best in Japan. She takes the opportunity to say just that to Arata, too.

Because the episode ended right after the victory, we still don’t know if she’s going to participate in the individual tournament. I guess we’ll get the trophy ceremony in the next episode.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 07

This show has good music. Ok, this episode presents us with the “bad guys.” They are freaking barbarians who take what they want and enjoy hunting other species.

They have all sorts of funny names for the ones they hunt and the process of hunting. An oracle tells them where to hunt through prophecies. Let’s say that I didn’t expect this. I’m also starting to think that the “Majestic Prince” were created for the hunt, that’s why they require such a good survival instinct. It seems like the barbarians take some sort of funky drug that look like pink crystal. And like all barbarians in movies, they enjoy taking women without their approval.

Dude, the incompetent commander is really incompetent. The GDF present, in a press conference, their military plan. That’s not the best strategy, especially since there are so many Walguru in the human population.

So Team Rabbit is getting a schedule advisor. She’s creepy and I’m sure she’ll get along with Tamaki really well. They also have an individual room now. It’s really spacious, and they all invaded Tamaki’s room because she was the first one to enter her room. Then everyone moves into Asagi’s room. Then they move to the mess hall. Once more, Asagi and Kei excused themselves and don’t eat.

Kei punches Sugura twice in this episode. She  is also supported Izuru when he called Asagi, “Asagimichi.” She’s going to try to be a hero now. The next episode should be interesting because of that.

Seisui no Gargantia ep 06

Ledo just discovered the opposite sex. He also joined the Bellows’s salvage team and encountered a Hideauze. This episode was actually rather boring until that last scene. I’m almost considering dropping this.

Shingeki no Kyojin ep 07

Mikasa finds that Armin and all the other cadets that don’t have enough gas to go over the walls and get to safety because some half-wit didn’t protect the resupply center. Everyone is a coward in the end. Well, everyone besides Mikasa, that crazy Titan who kills other Titans and Sasha. Mikasa is totally bottling things up, though. She acts all cool over Eren’s death, but ends up using all her gas killing the Titans going for the supply HQ, which is why she crashes. Although, despite having no more gas, I bet she can take down a Titan if she tried.

I found the blood cell flashes weird. Last episode, in the flashback, Mikasa had a strange flash about power, too. I’m starting to wonder if Mikasa is normal. She at least has a strange reason for not killing herself now that she think Eren is gone: she won’t be able to remember him if she dies.

Space Ship Yamato ep 06

Yeah space battle! You know, this episode was so cliché, but so good at the same time. It had 0 character development for the crew, and it was all about the flashy explosions. Oh, and presenting the lord of the bad guys. The Earth should be safe for a while now that the Pluto base is no more.

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