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We got some awesome action this week, both Majestic Prince and Shingeki no Koijiin were really good in that category. Chihayafuru and Yamato had “cooldown” episodes. The Gargantia had conflict as a theme, but it didn’t really involve combat as much as yelling, stubbornness and greed.

Chihayafuru S2 ep 20

This episode was a mix of recap and new stuff. We got the team trophy ceremony, Chihaya going to the doc, and a flashback to the team tournament.

Chihaya has a partial fracture of her finger, the “next hit” and she’s probably going to break her finger.  She decides to still play, using her left hand. Her opponent is Yuube, the A-class player from the girls’ school that defeated Nishida in the semi-finals. Poor Chihaya. Taichi is all depressed about Arata and wondering what he’s doing there. Sort of sad, although Retro-kun is happy about it.

I expect Oe-chan and Desktomu to be the finalists for the C-class, they both beat B-class players in the team tournaments. I hope we get to see the D-class stuff; both of the two “beginners” are in it.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 08

Sugura really likes his armaments and he got lots of them. Tamaki actually reads the report on the Wulgaru, and with all the talking about “what they look like” I guess it means we the humans will soon see one for the first time.

Idiot Commander is still the biggest idiot in the world, well, maybe Tamaki is more stupid than he is. Also, dude, in space you have 3D space maneuvers, there is no “front.” I’m surprised that the humans survived that long, really. They totally got taken with their pants down here.

Of course, Team Doberman and Team Rabbits are awesome, but the rest, are all Red Shirts. Actually, Team Doberman is really awesome. Tamaki is really stupid though; if she wasn’t on the team, they’d be more successful. She put herself in Sugura’s line of fire.

The Prince shows up and Izuru is dispatched to take care of him, leaving Asagi in charge. The Rabbits suck until Asagi realizes he’s the leader. In terms of “planning,” he’s better than Izuru, although Kei takes the cake for gathering information.

Izuru’s duel ends up with both species “seeing” each other. His reaction: he looks like that girl (Theoria).

Seisui no Gargantia ep 07

So, Hidauze are “whalesquibs” and they follow the glowing current too, something I totally expected. Ledo made a blunder by killing one too, looks like the Earthlings learned to live with them around.

The creature only attack people if you attack them. Considering that the Alliance doesn’t have a word for “coexistence and co-operation,” I suspect it’s easy to see where everything went out of whack.

Doesn’t explain how squibs learned to fly in space, though.

Singeki no Koijin ep 08

Wow, awesome episode. Armin is already showing his brain power, too. Go Armin, you suck at fighting, but planning is your thing. Mikasa is awesome as always, and Connie and Sasha show they are the clowns of the group.

And Annie talked! She talked. Sorry, she like never talks, but I like her voice. She, Reiner, and the other dude are so suspicious. More than in the manga from what I remember. The kids made it to the resupply and were able to leave. Although they discover something at the end of the episode.

Space Ship Yamato ep 07

Kotai, dude, when someone calls an alien they have supposedly never seen Sasha-san, that’s because they are lying. And Mori’s real name is Yurisha, she just doesn’t know it. I didn’t expect that one; apparently, she only remembers the last year of her life.

A line-crossing ceremony before leaving the Solar system. I guess I can see that, having a few people in costume though is just facepalm-inducing. Seems like Kodai is a bit bored though and Rei has taken an interest in him.  Oh, so that’s why Rei’s eyes are strange, she’s a Marsoids (someone born on Mars).  All her family is dead, too.

This was a rather emotional episode. We also have the start of a love triangle between Kodai, Mori and Rei. He does get along well with aliens.

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