Crafting 101: Paper Beads

This is a really easy and quick craft that can be done by adults or kids. All you need is some junk mail or old catalogs, scissors, glue, toothpicks, clear nail polish and styrofoam.

Paper Beads Supplies: paper cutter, catalog, glue, nail polish, and toothpicks

When I sat down to do some crafts with my younger sister, I had absolutely no ideas. I was missing a lot of my supplies, and neither of us were up for anything epic. We ended up digging through our recycling for an old Ulta catalog, and went to work.

Cutting nail polish ad on the paper cutter

The first step is to cut the paper into triangles. You can use scissors for this, or a small paper cutter like I have. We used old catalog paper, but you can use any kind of paper you’d like. The more colorful, the better.

End of long paper triangle lined up on toothpick

Using a toothpick, situate the large end of the paper along it. Roll the paper along the toothpick, being careful to re-adjust so that the rolled paper on either side is even.

Putting a dab of glue on the tip of the rolled-up paper on the toothpick

When you get towards the end, dab some glue on the end of the paper and continue to roll it. This will make sure the paper stays rolled.

Toothpicks wrapped with paper, stabbed into styrofoam to dry

Keep the bead on the top of the toothpick, and then push the bottom of the toothpick down into the styrofoam to dry.

Clear nail polish next to a rolled bead, still on the toothpick

Painting the clear polish onto the bead while holding the toothpick

Once all of the beads are dry, take some clear nail polish and apply a thin coat. Replace on the styrofoam to dry.

A scattering of finished beads

You can do as many coats of the nail polish as you’d like. The more you do, the smoother and shinier it becomes.

Once dry, use for whatever jewelry crafts you would like. You can pair these with resin pendants for a complete DIY look, or with any other jewelry supplies you have.

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