Crafting 101: Wonderful World of Hot Glue

The more I learn about hot glue, the more I realize that it’s one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Or rather, mankind’s invention makes it versatile. Everything from the more conventional gluing uses to lifting fingerprints, the glue gun has left an indelible mark on the world that surpases any burns that it leaves on your fingers.

The basics of glue guns involves more than just “have glue gun will glue.” Some glue guns have interchangeable nozzles for more refined gluing. There are glues of different colors, and even glittered and glow in the dark sticks, as well.

When you get into crafts, there are of course plenty of crafts that involve tediously gluing one type of object together to form something new, such as these crafts you can do with corks. These can be a lot of fun and really crafty and sometimes even handy. They’re also a traditional used of the glue gun.

Let’s get into the weaknesses of glue guns (that can sometime be strengths).

Peeling is one of hot glue’s disadvantages. But crafts like this hot glue stencil tutorial take advantage of that unpleasant tendency, and makes your project into something unique and interesting.

Once the glue starts to cool, it can actually be manipulated into different shapes. This is usually a weakness, as you need to be careful not to touch it until it cools. But in this Harry Potter wand tutorial, this attribute is very important. Be careful that it’s just warm to the touch, not hot, before you try it!

Dripping can be another weakness, and unlike some other glues, due to the heat, moving the glue around is not really an option. However, there are plenty of crafts that turn that negative into a positive. For instance, running your crayons through a hot glue gun may seem like a bad idea, but combine that with the dripping and the result is a beautiful, if abstract, piece of art.

Hot glue guns can also be used in and of themselves to create objects, or used as a tool for other crafts not related to gluing. Hot glue can be used to make simple stamps.

This hot glue gun decorative mask is a gorgeous addition to a halloween costume, and though it takes time, it’s relatively easy and cost-efficient. Fast forward to Christmas, and these snowflake ornaments look expensive, but are much cheaper and less fragile than their glass counterparts.

Casting and molds are usually reserved for silicone and resin. But hot glue can not only be used to mold cabochons, but can be used to create the mold itself.

When not using hot glue for crafts, glue guns are great for an arsenal for around the house and for any crime fighting you may be undertaking. Hot glue can be applied to hangers to prevent clothes slipping from off, and used to lift fingerprints in case of a break-in.

Hot glue guns are one of the most versatile and valuable items in a crafters toolkit, and a tool that even the least crafty person should consider adding to their arsenal. And to those of you who feel inspired and want to go out and try some of these ideas, just remember to observe glue gun etiquette to prevent accidents.

By Bipolar Gurl

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