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Do Drop In On This Weekend Open Thread

It’s finally Friday night. Who’s got the box wine?

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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I had bamboo in a rental house once. That stuff is a terrible invasive weed. I never knew I could hate it so much either. I remember the first day it sprouted in the yard I thought alien creatures had infested my yard. One day? Nothing. Next day – BOOM! Four foot alien seedlings. Two days later IT IS EVERYWHERE. Good on you getting rid of that.

Alien creatures! Yes! I cut at least 40 new growths of bamboo every other day. 40!! In two motherfucking days. And if I go three days without cutting? Holy shit, let’s just say I only went three days once. :-/ But seriously, this shit is going to take forever to die. As much as we don’t want to, we’re probably going to have to do some chemical warfare.

Thanks for the encouragement though. It helps, a lot. Our backyard backs up to a tennis court (probably why the bamboo was planted in the first place–quick means of privacy) and all of the tennis players are constantly rooting us on. :) It’s nice to hear when we’re just feeling hot and frustrated.

This week I:
1) Didn’t apply to any jobs because writing more cover letters made me feel like a panic attack was coming.
2) Entered a Pinterest contest and didn’t win.
3) Bought 3 dating sims apps.
4) Put my resume up on a job site after being yelled at by my parents for not doing anything.
5)Got contacted by 2 recruiters wanted commission only sales people for insurance companies.
6) Generally felt horrible due to allergies and my family situation.

Here’s hoping for a better next week.

Season 1 was really hard for me to get into, season 2 started a lot better (rapping! penguin wedding!) and got continued to get better after that. It took me at least two weeks to force myself to watch season 1, then I watched all of season 2 in a few days. Stick with it if you can!

The penguins were great! Season one was a bit meh for me but I got through it. I’m on episode 3 or 4 of season 2 and enjoying it more. However I took a break from it and started watching Orphan Black. Guess I’ll get back to Parks and Rec next weekend!

Silverwane & Alyson – I’ll be on the lookout for the exit of Mark and the entrance of Ben and Chris. Excited. For reals.

Oh yaaaay, I love Orphan Black! The main actress is magician, I can’t believe how good she is. Glad you stuck with Parks and Rec – the first season is funnier returning to it after watching a few more seasons, you can kind of see the potential it had even if it isn’t as good, if you know what I mean? Enjoy your awesome tv-watching! :D

It changes its tone pretty drastically between season 1 and season 2. I didn’t really start loving the show until I’d slogged through the first season…after getting through that, it became one of my favorite shows.

And I agree that once Ben and Chris come in, the show really shines.

I am moving tomorrow. Oh god. What am I doing. I want to move out. I am terrified of moving out. I have let this angst manifest itself in half assed packing. So much to do.

Also went to a baseball game tonight. Basically it was perfect. Home team won. Weather was lovely. Ate funnel cake.

All the big stuff is in! My roommate and I have decided that we would rather burn our couch than have to get it out of our apartment (3rd floor, no elevator). Kitty has not decided if she likes this new place, but is stuck to me like Velcro when not exploring. My legs have called in sick to work, but I still have a ton of stuff to bring over.

I know there are some Alberta readers out there, but can’t remember if anyone is in Southern Alberta. The floods have made the national news in New Zealand. I lived in both Medicine Hat and Calgary and I absolutely ache watching the footage and seeing everyone’s evacuation updates on FB. Hang in there.

As for the fuckers who are price gauging and profiteering with $40 water and $20 bags of ice, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, that is not the Canadian way.

I have a seven-day PhD dissertation seminar starting tomorrow. The first thing on the schedule is a 10 minute professional conference-style presentation that I completely forgot to do. Last semester I managed to surpass all the rest of the cohort I started with, so now I’m in a class/seminar with a (sorta) new group of people, with a professor I do not like at all, a presentation that I’m only starting now, and only now it’s really hitting me that I’ve completed everything else but my dissertation and it’s really kind of overwhelming.

I really want to drink ALL THE WINE, but then I’d never get my presentation done – or I’d get it done and it would be *ridiculous*. So I’m drinking tea instead, trying to calm myself down, but really just wanting to curl up in front of Netflix or go watch a late-night showing of World War Z.

Guise, I’m into the actual real serious shit of this degree now. What the hell? I can’t possibly be ready for this…

[I may be back intermittently to continue freaking out. But that’s why I love pMag.]

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