Double Barrel

Composter, that is!

Oh, Internets, what would we do without you? A few months ago the boyfriend and I were surfing around the Internet looking for pictures of lolcats when we stumbled upon this.


So genius, in fact, that we decided to make one ourselves.

First we sunk two posts left over from our gnarly shed that got torn down the width of the plastic barrel. After that, we measured out the width of some PVC piping and drilled into the post as well as cutting holes in the PVC and fitting them into place.

After the barrels were suspended through the PVC tubing we cut a square out for the door. We had a spare barrel that we cut for the doors. The door has to be bigger than the hole in the barrel (duh). After that, we put some wingnuts and bolts in to hold it in place. It’s a little different than the approach we read about but so far it works great! We’re still filling it, so we’ll see how the compost turns out in a few months! YAY!
Barrel and two posts in yard next to fence

One barrel suspended between poles with a wheelbarrow underneath

Finished composter, with two barrels suspended between the poles
Having an exceptionally handy bicycle mechanic around the house also proves quite useful.

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