Five (Completed) Book Series to Read This Summer

Looking for a new series to read this summer, but not wanting to wait forever for the next installment to come out? Relax, here are five completed book series that are very good and all have the final book in the series available to read. I’ve linked to the first book in each series so you know where to start.

1. The Marguerite de Valois Series, by Freda Lightfoot. This series details the life and loves of Marguerite de Valois, daughter of Catherine de Medici and wife to Henri III, the first Bourbon king of France. We see Margot’s growth from a young girl in love with Henri de Guise to a woman determined to protect those whom she loves while at the same time determining her own fate. The first book in this series is Hostage Queen.

2. The Seaborn Trilogy, by Chris Howard. This isn’t your typical story of a supposedly normal girl finding out she is descended from some mythological species and having to make the best of it. Kassandra has grown up in an Arizona group home with no clue of who she is, until the day she is pushed into a lake and not only discovers that she can breathe underwater, but that she is the true ruler of a kingdom of underwater denizens known as the Seaborn. But Kassandra is no shrinking violet; while she is at times conflicted about her newfound situation, she also understands that she has a responsibility, and she steps up to the plate. Howard very skillfully incorporates Greek mythology and believable characters into a well-paced series that leaves you breathless until the end. The first book in this series is The Saltwater Witch.

3. The Darkborn Trilogy, by Alison Sinclair. When a young, pregnant high society woman comes to Darkborn physician Balthazar Hearne for help with the delivery, it spells the end of the world as he knows it. The Darkborn are blind and won’t survive if they’re exposed to light, and the Lightborn will perish if they’re exposed to darkness, but the Darkborn twins Balthazar helps to deliver have sight. Soon Balthazar, his Lightborn friend Floria White Hand, a guard to the Lightborn royal family, and Balthazar’s wife Telmaine, who has secrets of her own, are swept up into events that are much bigger than they ever dreamed. Not only is the uneasy peace between the Darkborn and Lightborn threatened, but another evil, the Shadowborn, is again gathering its forces on the country’s borders. Political intrigue, secrets, and brilliant characters drive the series. The first book in this series is Darkborn.

4. The Blades of the Rose Series, by Zoe Archer. This one is a definite PMag favorite. In late Victorian England, a secret society known as the Blades of the Rose has made it their mission to protect the world’s magic from those who would use it for evil purposes. There are four books in all in the series, each one following a different romantic couple in a different location as they race to keep magic out of the hands of those who would do evil with it. The heroines in this series kick just as much butt as the heroes do, and the author also explores some of the less progressive attitudes concerning race, gender, and power while weaving an action-packed tale. The first book in this series is Warrior.

5. The Irene Adler Series, by Carole Nelson Douglas. With all of the buzz around Sherlock Holmes lately because of BBC’s Sherlock and CBS’s Elementary, I thought I would include this, too. This is a spin-off series about Irene Adler, opera singer, former Pinkerton, and private investigator in her own right, and her dear, if not sometimes prim, friend Nell Huxleigh. Douglas takes us through the early days of their friendship and the events surrounding A Scandal in Bohemia, and later on to such adventures as protecting the royal family of Monaco from ruin, several run-ins with the members and of Professor Moriarty’s iniquitous organization, and dressing up as streetwalkers with an intrepid Nellie Bly to try and track down Jack the Ripper in Paris. Did I also mention that they keep running into Sherlock Holmes since he is often investigating the cases as well? The first book in this series is Good Night, Mr. Holmes.

And that’s it for the series I can recommend. Do you have any? (completed) ones you’re dying to tell us about

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