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Five Great Podcasts on Stuff You Missed in History Class

Most of you probably already know about the How Stuff Works website and the different podcasts showcased there, but I will admit that it’s very new to me. I really like the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcasts, and I have five interesting episodes here that you might want to listen to while exercising or unfucking your habitat.

1. “Ghosts of History: Haunted House Tour” covers the stories of four famous haunted houses – Rose Hall in Jamaica, Blickling Hall in the UK, Monte Cristo in Australia, and the Moore house in Villisca, Iowa.

2. “Princess Caraboo” is the story of a young woman who appeared in an English village and who claimed that she was Princess Caraboo from the isle of Javasu and that she had escaped pirates by swimming into the Bristol Channel. The young woman had many people fooled for some time until the truth came out.

3. “The Great Stink of 1858” details the London sanitation crisis of 1858; during the summer, central London reeked of the untreated human waste that filled its sewers and cesspits. A cholera epidemic soon followed, and London basically had to clean up its act.

4. “James Armistead” is about an African-American slave who signed up to join the military during the American Revolution with his master’s permission. He ended up serving his country well as a soldier and a spy.

5. “Belle Starr: A Bad Rap for the Bandit Queen covers the real story of notorious outlaw Belle Starr and attempts to dispel some of the myths that have sprung up about her.

Have you ever listened to any of these? Are there any good podcasts on Stuff You Missed in History class or How Stuff Works that you’d like to recommend?

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Ha, this podcast is probably great, but I can’t listen to it. One of the podcasters needs vocal instruction and every time I hear her I want to tell her to clear her throat and speak using her diaphragm muscles. I know it’s silly, but it’s a pet peeve of mine that precludes me from listening to this podcast. Also, the podcasters used to be pretty giggly. That may have been previous podcasters doing this podcast though. I think they have gone through a few women.

The history podcast I LOVE is The History Chicks. It’s autobiography rather than event based and it’s great. These ladies don’t put out much content, but they really do their research on each of the (mostly) women they profile.

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